Historic Tour of the Store

Although the Staten Island, NY store has closed, see below for a walk down memory lane!

Our spacious "High End" room contained the rarest and most sought-after vintage Gibson and Martin flattops, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, Gibson and Epiphone archtops, as well as National tricone roundnecks, and dozens of fine new and used custom and hand-made instruments by Benedetto, Buscarino, Campellone, Collings, Gibson, Goodall, Grit Laskin, Martin, high-end hand-made classicals, pre-1900 parlor guitars, '50's & '60's Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, and Gibson solid body electrics. The Electric Guitar display room contained solidbody, hollow body and thinline electric instruments, an Open-Back banjo and Resophonic Guitar" room, a Bluegrass Banjo room, an "Electric Listening" room, and an exciting "Acoustic Amplification" test drive room! Now, more than ever, visiting the Mandolin Brothers® showroom was like no retail store experience you have ever had. It's was comfortable as being home ( that is, if your house were stocked with nearly a thousand exceedingly high quality, original fretted instruments) where the only rule was: you can play any instrument you like, as long as you like. Although the Staten Island, NY location was closed when the business was sold to new owner, Michael Indelicato, aka "Guitar Man", we are contemplating several new locations. For now, please visit this website often for our latest offerings in fine instruments, accessories and gear and stay tuned for breaking news and new locations that are on the horizon!

Historic High-End Room

Historic Banjo Room

Historic Mandolin Room

Some of our Resophonic Guitars

Acoustic/ 12-Strings 

Small Maker Room

Electric Room