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  1. McPherson (used, 2012) MG 3.5W Wide Neck

    McPherson (used, 2012) MG 3.5W Wide Neck

    Tag No 32-4436 Used
    #1914, natural Engelmann Spruce top, natural East Indian Rosewood back and sides, RTSII electronics system, 1-7/8” neck, with deluxe Ameritage hard shell case.

    If you’re not familiar with this brand, McPherson guitars come with a trademark offset soundhole which enhances the sound by increasing the flexible surface area on the center of the top of the guitar.   On the flip side you’ll see a series of laminated braces which minimize the connection the underside of the top.  The braces are allowed to vibrate freely by arching over or under the intersecting points on the top.  The side braces are aligned with both the top and back braces to mechanically channel these vibrations around the entire body of the guitar.   The end result is a sound that will shiver your timbres.

    Our price is $6,395.00.
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  2. Martin (used, 1936) D28 Re-Topped Acoustic Guitar This item is NOW ON SALE!

    Martin (used, 1936) D28 Re-Topped Acoustic Guitar Now on Sale!

    Tag No 32-4369 Used
    #64494, **NOW AVAILABLE!!** in “very good” condition,with newer Geib style hard shell case.

    In spite of the changes made to the guitar that are considered less than ideal by vintage guitar lovers (please read full description by clicking on "more info" below), it sounds nothing short of phenomenal.   It’s got a boomy bass, crisp full mid-range and a crystal clear treble that can be so hard to come by with other more available rosewood varieties.  We expect it to sound even better (not to mention easier to play) when the repairs have been completed by our dedicated (nearly fanatical) fangists.  Without these changes, this 1936 D-28 might have sold today for $90,000!  WAS $17,995 BUT NOW:

    Our SALE Price is $14,995.00.
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  3. D'Angelico (used) Carving Molds and Fixtures

    D'Angelico (used) Carving Molds and Fixtures

    Tag No CMOLDS Used

    When Jimmy D’Aquisto died in 1995 part of his remaining estate that was found in his workshop in Greenport, Long Island passed down to his ex-wife, and some went to his son, James D’Aquisto, Jr.  We purchased this collection of John D’Angelico molds, a very cool electronic hygrometer (I’m quite sure it does not work but it looks incredible; the leather strap is torn), and a D’Angelico neck in progress in the summer or early fall of 1995.

    Please call or email for more information..
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  4. Martin (used, 1934) 000-28 Herringbone This item is NOW ON SALE!

    Martin (used, 1934) 000-28 Herringbone Now on Sale!

    Tag No 39-1857 Used
    #56298, Classically beautiful, with a long scale (25.4") neck, having a 1 3/4" nut width, and a 2 3/8th" string spacing at the bridge saddle.

    The C F Martin Company introduced the world to the Orchestra Model in 1929 and made it for five years, to 1933.   In 1934, right after the OM was discontinued, the Martin Company resumed making their famous “000” or Auditorium model that shared the same body dimensions as the OM.  Now that 14-fret guitars with long scale necks had been embraced with great enthusiasm by the general public (Martin had sold 487 Brazilian rosewood OM-28 models in those first 5 years)  they apparently intended to abandon long scale and revert to the short scale.  What happened next is a tale of history irony.  

    This WAS $32,995 at our Cash Discount Price, but it is NOW ON SALE . . 

    Our SALE Discount Price is $21,649.00 and Our SALE Cash Discount Price is $20,999.00.
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