Beard Guitars (used, 2012) Odyssey "A" Roundneck Guitar

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#16742, with the original hard shell case.

About this brand new, thoroughly different and exciting model, Paul Beard Company writes:  Ready for an adventure?   With an innovative, tuned oval soundhole, a hand-spun, polished resonator cone, and the new Beard Solar coverplate, the Odyssey is definitely a new direction.  Based on the popular Beard E model, the Odyssey adds these new discoveries to produce deeper, stronger lows and very clear and powerful highs.  Hand-crafted by Paul and the Craftsmen of Beard Guitars, the Odysssey is available in solid figured walnut, maple, rosewood and mahogany.     This design incorporates several new technologies and pushes the boundaries of aesthetics and sound quality.  We’d like to tell you about the Legend Tone™ polished cone but that’s a trade secret and contrary to myth has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of emulsion created from ripe banana skin and chicken fat.   That is a falsehood being spread by a competing maker of resonator guitars and here at Beard we will not stand for it. 
They continue:  “Listen to the focused sounds of the Odyssey ‘A’.  The new roundneck ‘A’ body style has a familiar 14-fret neck and a unique body shape.  The cone, coverplate and internal tuned baffles help give the Odyssey ‘A’ its balanced tonal characteristics.  The ‘A’ neck is outstanding for all acoustic guitar styles – yes, even that of Jay Coby, the Singing Cowboy.   You won’t believe the bass response and clarity of this guitar.   
The variations with which this model was made (since you did ask) include:  Spruce top with cherry wood back and sides, natural finish.  The cherry was cut from an old Beard Family Farm on which, when they dug up the earth, they found that it was a Civil War campground.   The body and neck are bound in curly maple.   

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