Beardsell (used, 2009) Model 4G Acoustic Guitar

Tag No 32-4416 Used

#120, in “near mint”condition, with the original hard shell case.

The Allan Beardsell Model 4G Steel-String Guitar, #120, Bastogne Walnut and German Spruce, cutaway, with twin side ports, one of which has a sliding adjustable door (we don’t want to hear any Señor Wences jokes), and with hard shell case.   Okay, so if I said that I thought that this is one of the finest sounding and most original design guitars I have seen or played in 3 years would you think me rash?  Okay, then, would you think me Seborrheic Dermatitic? 

This guitar is visually as eccentric as they come, but man – what a fine, full, ferocious and fortified tone it has!   Like an ophthalmologist the artistic touches are eye-opening.  The soundhole, for example, is a vertical oval reminiscent of a later Selmer Django Reinhart style guitar, but complemented by an alternating pattern of wood marquetry that one can’t help but think of the time-honored vision of a spasm chasm with teeth.   The covered lower port reminds us of the work of Sam Koontz, who was decades ahead of his time, the size of the instrument, around 17” at the lower bout, is that of a full Super Jumbo, but any similarity to an SJ-200 or an F-50R stops right there.   This guitar, like Samson (sans Delilah), brings down the house.

About this model, the builder says:  “The 4G is the flagship model for Beardsell Guitars.   It was originally designed with the shorter upper bout to achieve a more centralized bridge in the lower bout. That and the diminished aperture of the top soundhole create a unique look for this guitar. But it’s not just about looks. The frequency compensated bridge’s central positioning maximizes the bass-end volume by allowing freer movement across the 17" lower bout. This is balanced by the stiffening of the top because of the smaller soundhole.

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