Buscarino (used, 1997) Virtuoso Archtop guitar

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#B0339697 , in violin finish, 18", floating pickup, in excellent plus condition, with plush lined hard shell case.

About this model, the builder writes:  “As the crown jewel of our Archtop Collection the Virtuoso is the standard by which all other archtops are set. Built to the most exacting standards, only the finest and highest grade materials are utilized for the crafting of this exquisite instrument. With the plethora of choices available on this guitar from highly figured and exotic woods to unique inlays and custom colors the only limit is your imagination. As much of a pleasure to look at as it is to play the Virtuoso is the perfect blend of brains and beauty which is a devastating combination that is hard to beat.”

This guitar has a floating black Buscarino pickup off of the abbreviated ebony pickguard which has a single crème line of purfling, and comes with deluxe hard shell case with a burgundy plush lining.  John Buscarino makes one of the most beautiful and artfully executed archtop instruments in the land.   This has a burled walnut extra large headstock inlaid “Buscarino” in script mother of pearl, and thereunder a flourish of pearl above and below a banner that is etched and blackened with this word “Virtuoso.”  The fingerboard is likewise inlaid in 8 fret positions with the same three piece floral motif as the headstock portrays and the 19th fret bears a block of pearl which is frankly, yet tastefully, inscribed “Frank.”  

The guitar has a two-piece ebony bridge and a cello-style ebony tailpiece bearing the same three-part floral design in mother of pearl.  F-holes are large (generous) and unbound – at their mid point they measure 1 ½” with a 7” length.  This model is unbound – the edges of the top and back are maple, with a black line separating the top and back from the sides.  Tuners are gold-plated Schallers with black ebony buttons.  A gold-plated strap button is fastened to the back center of heel just ahead of the possibly burled walnut heel cap.    The 2-piece back is beautifully figured flamed maple, and so are the sides and the three large sections of the back of the neck. 

The back of the headstock is underlain with a veneer of burled walnut and there is a “back strap” which is comprised of layered levels of decorative wood, which extends down to the 2nd fret.   The nut is modestly scalloped; the truss rod cover is burled walnut and held in place by one golden screw; its ebony fretboard is bordered on three sides by a single line of crème wood.   "Excellent plus" does not mean "mint."  Virtually nothing used can be "mint."  A close look reveals a nick in the back binding (which is wood and it can pick up marks), some other small marks in the top and back binding, and the occasional infinitely small "ding."  We should point out that that there are some finish aberrations, possibly caused by the underlying grain, on the headstock.

A customer just asked us some questions and I feel that the answers should be shared.  Here they are:  

1.   Originality? – it is 100% original

2.   Nut width? – approximately 1 7/8” at the nut, string spacing E-to-E at bridge is 2 1/8”            

3.   Scale? -  approximately 25” nut to saddle

4.   Warp or twist of neck? – none that I can discern

5.   Type of neck (round or triangle)? -  the neck shape is low profile

6.  Weight ?– my postal scale is difficult to use with a guitar this size but I think it’s around 5 pounds, 2 ounces.   For such a big guitar it’s rather light.

7.  Any repairs? – no, no repairs.  

Did you know that a new Buscarino Virtuoso presently sells for $24,000?   Let me rephrase that, it starts at $24,000.    This one is moose’d pleasantly priced less.    Like, substantially less. 


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