Collings (new) D2H Varnish Finish

Tag No 76-8396 New

##15746, with plush lined TKL AVS series deluxe hard shell case.

With a Yip of the Hat to Edgar Yipsel Harburg we were just thinking: “What makes a king out of a slave; what makes the flag on the mast to wave? What makes the elephant charge his tusk, in the misty mist or the dusky dusk? What makes the muskrat guard his musk? What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder; what makes the dawn come up like thunder? What makes the Hottentot so hot; what puts the ‘ape’ in apricot?” What have they got that most guitars ain’t got? Well, actually, it’s Varnish! Yes, a guitar’s best friend, comprised of a resin (a Resin to Believe) - and that can either be resins from a tree or synthetic ones – that’s cooked in an oil which could include sunflower, or tung or linseed or others, and either a thinner or a solvent (could be something like paint thinner or turpentine) plus a drying oil to form a protective film or finish. It cures by way of oxidation. When you combine the ingredients with additional oil you have something called “oil varnish.’ Possibly this is more information than you really wanted to hear. What you need to hear is this actual guitar, and its sister, 76-8365 Mr. OM-2HA-Varnish. Not to be repetitive or anything, but this is what we said about the OM-2HA-V, and the same concepts, restated as appropriate, are 100% accurate to describe this impregnable dreadnought: This guitar redefines “airy and transparent.” It has a sound that is heavenly, entrancing and ambrosial. It is a sound we guitarists spend our entire lives trying to find and acquire. We have not recently heard a brand new instrument out of the box that leaves us gasping and flabbergasted, speechless and stupefied by the grandeur it imparts. Yes, it has the herringbone, and it has the aging-tonered, tightly grained with a great deal of cross-silking Sitka top and it has the multi-plies of celluloid and wood rings around the soundhole, the aged-looking yellowed side binding, the 7 bright and etched diamond mother of pearl fingerboard inlays in 5 positions, the skillfully squared prewar peghead made out of Brazilian rosewood, the six nickel-plated Waverly brand brass geared tuners, the carved diamond dart behind the nart, the one-piece mahogany neck without any ears, the ivoroid heel cap and end graft. It has the zipper wood marquetry backstripe and the East Indian rosewood on the back. Collings Varnish Masterpieces seem to be from another world – a world of extremely select tone woods and wondrous workmanship, where the notion of compromise is unheard of.

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