D'Angelico (used) Carving Molds and Fixtures

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When Jimmy D’Aquisto died in 1995 part of his remaining estate that was found in his workshop in Greenport, Long Island passed down to his ex-wife, and some went to his son, James D’Aquisto, Jr.  We purchased this collection of John D’Angelico molds, a very cool electronic hygrometer (I’m quite sure it does not work but it looks incredible; the leather strap is torn), and a D’Angelico neck in progress in the summer or early fall of 1995. 

James sold his collections to the The National Music Museum at The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota.   

The importance in the development of the archtop fretted instrument under the hands of the most influential guitar builder of the 20th Century can not be understated.  

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