D'Angelico (used, 2013) Excel USA Masterbuilt 1942 Archtop

Tag No 32-4418 Used

#1628-010, in “near mint” condition, with the original faux alligator exterior.

We are pleased to debut the first used example we've seen of the highly anticipated D’Angelico USA Masterbuilt reissue.  This was a limited run model built by acclaimed boutique luthier Gene Baker, Chief Master Builder at Premier Builders Guild (PBG), and his expert build team at the PBG Workshop in Arroyo Grande, California.

This was the first reissue in the USA Masterbuilt Series (the iconic 1942 D’Angelico Excel), which was  introduced at NAMM in 2013. Based on extensive research beginning with MRI's of the original, the Excel Reissue is an authentic update enhanced by modern hardware and appointments.

This archtop guitar features: 3A flame maple back/sides, spruce top, ebony fretboard, mother of pearl inlay/headstock design, tortoise multi-bound pickguard, vintage friendly varnish finish, Grover Imperial tuners, D’Angelico trapeze tailpiece, gold-plated hardware and 6105 fret wire. The electric option features Johnny Smith Lollar pickup with one volume and one tone pot mounted on pickguard.    But first, a little history:

John D’Angelico Opens His Shop – 1932:   D'Angelico's shop was located at 40 Kenmare Street in New York City. 27 years later, the business moved-- across the street, due to rising city rent costs. Both locations were quite small, but because there wasn't much machinery, they were adequate. D'Angelico instruments were strictly hand made, in limited quantities. During the late 1930s, when production was at its peak, D'Angelico was able to make approximately 35 instruments per year with the aid of two or three workers.

1944    A SYMBOL OF NEW YORK:  The 1940s were scarred by the earth shaking reverberations of World War II. Once again, music was a fundamental source of emotional stability and guitar players in the service and at home depended on D'Angelico for their instruments. His recognition as the 'finest builder of archtop guitars' brought offers from the larger companies including Fred Gretsch. (quote): "John, close up your shop and come to work for me. I'll put you in charge here. You'll never have to worry about money again!" But John had his patent reply, "Big money? Big title? For what? I want to build guitars under my own name, for my own customers, the way I do it! For me that's a good life!"

1952 THE APPRENTICE:   James D'Aquisto was a skilled musician who studied jazz guitar and played the bass. As a teenager, he was taken to visit D'Angelico's workshop and was immediately entranced by the idea of instrument building. He was offered a job as an apprentice in 1952 at age seventeen.  D'Angelico never could have foreseen that this young, mildly annoying, but sincere teenager, would one day save D'Angelico's business and then secure the future of archtop guitars and the D'Angelico legend for generations to come.

It is this historical sequence, with all of the innovation, quality control and museum quality beauty that the people of D’Angelico have sought to emulate.   Please come to Mandolin Brothers, Ltd. in Staten Island, NY -- try this extraordinary guitar yourself and you will see exactly what we mean.

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