Dampit Cello Dampit for Archtop with F-Holes


#DMPCLO, Whether you live in a hot, dry desert area or in the freezing arctic zone, the scientifically tested DAMPITS humidifier will protect your instrument against damage.

That simple little green, snake-like, sheathed sponge that hangs into the body of your archtop or f-hole instrument.  It may be only $14.95 but it can help save your instruments’ lives. Dryness is, of course, a guitar's worst enemy and the Dampit, in its unpretentious way, when properly loaded (just like ourselves, most afternoons) is the difference between the buzzy and the brilliant, the shriveled and the secure, the moistened fortification and the fissure.'

Advice:  Never put it inside wet, only damp – lightly damp -- and the outside sheath must be dry.   There cannot be the possibility that even a droplet of water will come out of it.   That means, after holding under the water, squeeze it to death and then knead it into a double paper towel, then squeeze it to death again and knead it again.  At that point you may be ready to put it inside your instrument.

Our Price is $12.95.

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