Deering (used, 2004) Golden Era Resonator 5-string banjo

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#0399104-0685, in excellent condition with Keith tuners, a very nice tooled leather strap, and its original hard shell case.

A bit ‘o’ background:  In 1983 Janet Deering, Greg’s wife, went on a nationwide sales trip by loading their camper with banjos and hitting the road while Greg stayed at home making banjos and taking care of the kids.   In 10 weeks Janet covered 14 thousand miles and crossed the country visiting stores, opening many new Deering dealers who are still with them  today.   While Janet was in the southeast she noticed a cultural phenomenon that banjo players had to have a prewar banjo or one that looked like it.  It almost didn’t matter how good Deering’s own banjo design was if it didn’t look like the prewar.   At first this was discouraging to these consummate builders but then they realized that the currently-made prewar style banjos didn’t, at that time, come close to the actual prewar banjos in quality or sound. So, they realized that what the banjo world needed was a prewar style banjo that was truly comparable to the actual prewar instrument and Mr. and Mrs. Deering set out to do their very  best to recreate these classic banjos.


We are providing here the description from the Deering web site however we have to point out that this banjo was made 10 years ago and some specifications may have changed or been modified.  Still, the basic information is correct.  The Deering Golden Era 5-String is a maple, prewar style bluegrass banjo made to emulate the classic banjos of the 1930's with the same materials and the same weight, design and features.  The Golden Era is one of Deering’s most popular banjos for traditional bluegrass. If you're looking for that classic bluegrass banjo tone and look this way – no, this way – this Golden Era - this may well be the banjo for you. Adorned with a traditional hearts & flowers inlay pattern, this banjo has the appearance and feel of the prized banjos from the ‘30's.  It is designed to produce the most sought-after sound, a sound previously achieved only by five-string banjos of the pre-war era. This beautiful banjo has a Genuine Deering bell bronze tone ring. The drum assembly and neck shape are designed for the traditional crisp and strong bass notes as well as the distinct clear high tones of the cherished bluegrass sound.     Details:  it is finished in high gloss, has a curly maple neck, a finish that they are presently calling a Cremona sunburst stain but on this example from a bygone era the stain is contains just a little more red coloring than what we think of when we think of Cremona sunburst.  It has the traditional fuller neck shape, named after Jesse Fuller who, as you may know, played many instruments, some simultaneously. 


The ebony fingerboard is bound in crème ivoroid with crème and black purfling underneath, and is inlaid in 9 fret positions with the traditional “hearts and flowers” pattern, and on the ante-penultimate fret with a pearl block that reads “Golden Era.”   The glossy black headstock overlay is likewise inlaid with the script “Deering” logo and the full hearts and flowers regalia including fern clusters around the tuner shafts.   The sides of the resonator are also trimmed in crème and black with crème outermost and the back has 5 plies of crème and black.  This model has a bone nut, 22 glued-in nickel-silver frets, a traditional 5-string nut and a geared fifth string tuner with a large pearloid button to match the four unsigned and geared headstock tuners.   The pot purports a polished bell bronze tone ring, a Golden Era violin-grade 3-ply maple rim, nickel-plated traditional zinc flange, 11” frosted medium-crown head, a Presto flip-open tailpiece.    The resonator is curly maple with sunburst stain with a one-piece flame maple back that is hypnotic and memorable (at least my own hypnotist told me I would remember it).    The entire instrument, including the back of the one-piece, heavily flamed, maple neck is high-gloss finished.  A volute, or hand-stop, is carved into the back of the neck behind the nut.   This info is from Deering so, again, some specs may have changed:  Dimensions:  Neck width at the Nut 1 13/64” (we measure it as “slightly less than 1 ¼”’).  The Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4”,  Resonator diameter 13 7/8”,  Overall instrument length 38”, the weight is approximately 11 lbs.


In this instance the banjo shows nearly no signs of signs of having been owned and occasionally played .  There is some glue from the felt pad that was affixed to the inside of the resonator at the neck cut that, at some point since the time it was built, bled onto the resonator but only just around the heel. 


It is widely spoken that this model produces a resonant midrange with deep bass response for a traditional prewar bluegrass sound, and that this aural cornucopia is combined with clear, bright highs and resonant deep bass notes.   It is also said that among modern professional, Made-In-USA nickel-plated five-string resonator banjos Deering, at all times, give you the most for your money.  When new, this puppy presently lists for $4,844.   This previously owned, prewar postulated example can be yours, however, with case, for a great deal less.   This WAS priced at $3087 but is now on sale for: 

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