Deering (used, 2000) Vega Long Neck

Tag No 32-2224 Used

#7988, in very good plus condition with original hard shell case.

This banjo shows light normal signs of playing time including dings, nicks, chips, scratches, scrapes and scuffs including some chips around the headstock, and, also, some white spots that are air bubbles that have arisen from underneath the finish, on back of neck and up the back of the headstock. These do not affect playability. This banjo has its original four planetary sealed-back tuners with large pearloid buttons, and the fifth string peg is in the Kroll geared fifth peg. The metal parts are normally oxidized and require cleaning; the banjo is equipped with a Fishman pickup that attaches to the two interior coordinator rods. In addition there is a well-crafted platform on the bottom side that has a volume and a tone control and, under the wooden plane, the phone jack.

Back in the 1950s, the Vega Company formed an alliance with a famous folk singer to produce an exceptionally loud, distinctively tumescent-necked banjo that had a prewar-style nickel-plated bell bronze Tubaphone tone ring, a maple neck, a 3-ply maple rim, and an ebony fretboard. Per the Deering catalog: The 25 fret Vega Long Neck banjo enables the player to sing in E tuning in the open position: i.e., E,B,E,G#,B. This low-tuned banjo sounds beautiful as a solo instrument, and it can also accompany the voice with a deep, full and yet sparkling sound. When a capo is applied to the third fret, the banjo becomes a standard G tuning and the string length is then the same as a 22-fret five string banjo. Artists like Pete Seeger and Dave Guard (of the Kingston Trio) were the first long-neck banjo players and have inspired generations of banjoists to play the sweet and versatile long neck banjo. This Vega Long Neck is made with Deering’s handmade, classic Tubaphone Tone Ring. The solid brass bracket band is hand fitted to the three-ply rim. This pot design gives the Vega Long Neck Banjo a round full tone that sustains with a pure and clear sparkle. The neck is full yet fast in the Vega tradition, and the geared fifth string peg is mounted near the 8th fret.

The neck is made from curly maple, stained with a dark walnut stain and a high gloss finish. It is fitted to the rim with two solid brass coordinator rods in the same way they were in the  ‘60s. The Vega Long Neck Banjo is one of the true classic banjos of the 20th century, and the new millennium. This version comes with Planetary tuners for ease of use. We’re not allowed to use the term “Vega ‘Famous Folk Singer’ Model” when advertising this banjo, and we would certainly never do so, but if you close your eyes, hold it against your sternum, extend your left hand and intone the magic words*, you may be able to just about imagine having Lee Hays on your right side and Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman on your left side. Possibly Harold Leventhal and Gordon Jenkins as well.     *the magic words are, of course, "Join me, kids."

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