Eastman Strings (used, 2004) AR810ce Uptown Archtop

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#540, in Classic finish, “excellent” condition, with the original black hard shell case.

The choice of woods and the time-honored processes followed to craft these guitars create an acoustic tone that is heralded in several countries. Chords are full and complex while single notes are crisp and well-defined. A Kent Armstrong pickup compliments the sound and delivers a smooth balanced tone. The gold and ebony fittings provide form and function and the traditional finish.   The Uptown series of guitars put Eastman on the archtop map, if they say so themselves, and if you can even find an archtop map.

This guitar is in “excellent” condition which means it shows very little signs of use and wear including very light dings on the body, very small scratches on the headstock and a small but noticeable ding on the bass side shoulder. 

Features include a two-ply bordered ebony headstock overlay inlaid with the “Eastman” logo in wood, “Jumbo” brand tuners with gold-plated stairstep buttons, a black Eastman brand pickup depends from under the bottom of the squared-edge fingerboard, with a single volume control off the lower treble edge of the two-ply bound striped ebony pickguard with ivoroid surrounding.     The fingerboard is neo-classical which means that it has no inlays on the surface, but it does have side dots and a white-black purfling on each side of the black ebony ‘board.   The top is bordered in six-ply, the back in 5-ply, the f-holes and heel cap in two-plies of purfling.  The hinged tailpiece is gold plated on the bottom side and ebony capped on the top side.  The bridge is ebony, carved and two-piece.  The maple on back, sides and central section of the three piece neck shows attractive curl.   Hearing the guitar being played in the style they call “jazz” will make your toes curl.   OUR PRICE WAS $1699 BUT NOW ON SALE FOR:

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