Fender ® (used, 1952) Precision Bass in butterscotch blonde

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#0336, in excellent plus condition, with original brown vinyl gigbag.

This early model is called a “slab” body Precision Bass, which style was made only in the first 4 years of the model: 1951 to 1954.  We begin with the Wikipedia review of this first-of-the-modern-electric-bass guitar:  The Precision Bass (often shortened to "P-Bass") is a bass guitar manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation [originally of Fullerton, California}.  Designed by Leo Fender as a prototype in 1950 and brought to market in 1951, the Precision was the first electric bass to earn widespread attention and use. A revolutionary instrument for the time, the Precision Bass has made an immeasurable impact on the sound of popular music ever since.  To this day, the Precision Bass is among the best-selling electric basses of all time.    The original Precision Bass of 1951 was essentially a bass counterpart to the six-string Telecaster and shared several of its design features — the main difference being its then-radical double cutaway body. In 1953 the Precision Bass received contoured edges for comfort while otherwise retaining the existing Telecaster-like styling.  In 1957 the Precision Bass received a major restyling; the headstock and pickguard were redesigned to closely resemble Fender's recently introduced, ultra-modern Stratocaster guitar, with a rounder neck heel, replacing the original square shape introduced in 1951.

Here is the report of our head of repair, Rocco Monterosso:    The “elephant ear” tuners are original; the nut and the frets are original; the neck date is 7-3-52 TG”   “TG” was Mr. Taddio Gomez who often initialed after entering the date.”  The pickguard is original; the bridge and the saddles are original and the bridge displays the serial number of #0336.    The potentiometers and the capacitor are original and the pots bear the code 140-220 which means that those electronic components were made by the Clarostat Company in the twentieth week of 1952.    The body date is entered as “7-3-52 CD #6.”  The pickup is original; the knobs and plate covers are original; the vinyl gigbag is original.   It has only one deviancy from wholly factory original – the ground wire coming off the input jack was at one time replaced with incorrect wire.     The electronics, as is typical for something old that hasn’t been played, were, when we received this, crackly and staticky from dust having gotten into them over the years but our shop has “blown them out” with the magic compressed air contact cleaner.   They are now in fine fettle. 

In addition to blowing out the dust,  our deft crew of dedicated fangists (world class guitar repairpersons as they are called in Panga Panga) has performed a set-up --  they adjusted the nut, bridge and action in order to make the bass as playable as possible, and they have restrung it with the appropriate gauge and length bass strings.   They  have replaced the ground wire with one that is more in keeping with what Fender was using at that time.  But that wire is the only aberration from original.   Lest we forget, its carrying case is the original brown faux leather gigbag with which Fender Precision Basses came in the earliest years.    

What a treat to find such a clean and complete example of an instrument that helped to literally change the arrangement and instrumentation of western popular music.     This is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples of this model bass in existence in the USA.  NOW ON SALE!  THIS WAS $20,615 BUT NOW ON SALE FOR:

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