Fender ® (used, 1956) Telecaster

Tag No 78-7095 Used

#14246, blonde, with a period, possibly original, heavily worn tweed rectangular hard shell case.

Sometimes a 1950s Fender electric guitar comes along from the perfect vintage year, that looks like a Telecaster Relic – the quintessence of the combination of age, venerability and normal playing wear, the kind of instrument that if you saw it in a pawn shop window you would stop and genuflect. This is one of those guitars. We believe that this guitar is basically a 1956 Fender Telecaster, however along the years it was modified, and then put back to period original by the acquisition of 1950s parts, although some components are modern. We cannot be 100% conclusive about which parts are original to a single Fender instrument bearing this serial number that was made in 1956 -- and which of them are from other Telecasters and Esquires. The body date in the bridge pickup cavity is “9-56” or September, 1956. Three circular holes have been drilled in the bridge pickup cavity to accommodate longer bridge pickup screws – at one time there was another pickup in that cavity that required longer screws. The control plate was drilled for a mini-toggle switch. Both potentiometers were replaced: The volume pot code is 304-7116 which puts the date of that part at the 16th week of 1971; the tone pot is coded 304-6612 which puts that part’s date as the 12th week of 1966.

The pickguard is a ‘50s ‘guard that has, on its underside, a sales sticker that suggests that it was purchased as an after-market part for $70, (it must have been a while ago), but it is, in our opinion, from the ‘50s. The bridge/tailpiece is from the 1950s. The neck pickup was replaced; we do not know if the neck pickup that’s in there is a modern Fender part or a Seymour Duncan. The two strap buttons are correct, the toggle cap is not; the bridge/tailpiece plate is from the 1950s. The six tuners are individual single-line bearing the “Kluson Deluxe” logo and the underside of each tuner is stamped “#2356766 Pat. Appld” which is correct for the late 1950s. The body finish appears to be original, showing crazing, wear, chips and dents, all indicative of a guitar that was normally played but not abused. The cover over the bridge/tailpiece is missing; the maple neck is a ‘50s part, though it has no date so we cannot determine the exact year the neck was made. There is finish touch-up on the back of the headstock and the black “TELECASTER” decal was removed from headstock leaving behind an area of disrupted finish. There is extensive fingerboard wear (on virtually every fret on the board) with steel wool marks evident around the frets and the black dots. The fingerboard was refretted in the past and is presently fitted with a newer and wholly incorrect aluminum nut.

The finish is worn and significantly discolored down to bare wood on both the treble and the bass side of neck; there is, as well, finish missing throughout the length of neck at and adjacent to the skunk stripe. There is a possibility that the back of the neck was shaved down to a lower neck profile -- the neck profile seems to us smaller than it should be. The guitar is housed in what appears to be a heavily worn original period tweed hard shell rectangular case that is missing its latch on the headstock end. One Possible Theory: This guitar may have a Telecaster that was modified and then played for a long time as an Esquire – which is one reason why a prior owner might have removed the word “TELECASTER” from the headstock. If so, this would explain the replaced pot – in order to play it as an Esquire it would have required a bridge pickup (only) and this pickup, if one desired to vary its sound, would have had to have been split, which is why it once had a mini-toggle installed.

This guitar is a Fender Telecaster and parts of it were made in 1956, other parts were speculatively made during the late 1950s, ’60s and‘70s. The replaced neck pickup is a depreciative factor, but it is possible for the person who buys it to find a 1956 or mid-to-late 1950s Fender neck pickup and bring it closer to original. The fact that this is not all one unaltered, unmodified guitar, plus the replaced potentiometers, the suspected thinning of the neck, the lack of a neck date, the replaced nut, and the missing “Telecaster” decal all affect market value. When this year Telecaster is found in excellent condition a 1956 Telecaster that is 100% original, righteous and unquestioned, untouched and unchanged in every way possible and in cosmetically clean condition, can be worth $33,000 to $39,000. That this guitar was putatively reassembled into most of what one would call a 1950s Telecaster means that you save a few bucks. WAS $20,105 BUT NOW ON SALE for only:

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