Flammang (new) J-35 acoustic slope-shoulder 14-fret guitar

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#221 , sunburst Adirondack spruce top, Honduras mahogany, with plush lined, Deluxe Guardian hard shell case

When this guitar first came over to our showroom Eric Jay, our chief salesperson, said “You have got to try this instrument!  It competes head to head with our 1939 Gibson Jumbo 35.”    Of course, the prewar Gibson J-35 is around ten thousand dollars, and this guitar is slightly more than half that price.   In addition, this instrument is unbelievably beautiful; its top is finished in a three tone mellow sunburst last encountered in some of the original paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci.   “About.Com/Painting” says this about the great Italian master’s [Leonardo, not David] techniques:

We may never know who the Mona Lisa was or what she’s smiling about, but we do have some idea of how Leonardo da Vinci created the somber mood and smoky colors that add to her allure. Leonardo would first create a detailed under painting in a neutral gray or brown, then apply his colors in transparent glazes on top. Some of the under painting would show through the layers, subtly helping to create form. On his palette were muted, earthy browns, greens, and blues within a narrow tonal range. This helped give a sense of unity to the elements in the painting. No intense colors or contrasts for him, so no bright red for Mona’s lips nor blue for her eyes (though it doesn't explain why she hasn't got eyebrows!).  Soft, gentle lighting was crucial to his paintings: “You should make your portrait at the hour of the fall of the evening when it is cloudy or misty, for the light then is perfect.”

Yes, I know it’s a bit of a stretch to compare David Flammang with Leonardo Da Vinci, but if you stopped at our showroom and tried this guitar out I don’t think you’d disagree with the comparison at all.      This guitar has all of the sound and none of the eccentricities of a 75 year old instrument.   In addition it has a black, polished and unbound headplate with a bell curve at the top.   The fingerboard and bridge are not just East Indian rosewood, they are light brown with subtle medium brown grain lines running through it in a manner not seen since. . . well, I think none of us has since the ‘30s.   Said ivoroid bound ‘board is inlaid with 7 mother of pearl dotmarkers in 6 positions (starting at fret 3).   The top is bordered in dignified and unexpected alternating parallelograms – crème and ebony – with a stripe of maple or ivoroid on each side, and the soundhole is likewise bordered except this ring of parallelograms is bordered on each side by crème-black-crème.   The fire stripe, faux-tortoise pickguard is in the style of the ancient Gibson, and the bridge saddle, made of bone, is through in shape with a rolled compensation on the B string.  Each side is bound in single-ply yellowed ivoroid and the back is further decorated in crème and black.

The specifications of this Red spruce top in memorable sunburst, scalloped “X” braced J-35 including that it has three (yes, 3) tone bars, Honduran mahogany back and sides, Red spruce bracing; it was made with the finest hide glue; it has “rope” purfling and rosette, cream plastic body and fretboard binding, an Honduran rosewood fretboard and bridge, a polished ebony headplate, a bone nut, saddle and pins.   Its tuners are Waverly brand, nickel plated, with oval buttons and open gears.  The scale length is 24.75” from nut to saddle, that magnificent finish got there by way of nitrocellulose lacquer, it has a 1 3/4” nut and a 2 11/32” saddle with a string-to-string spacing of 2 5/16th”.    The neck shape is low profile, and there is no diamond dart carved behind the bone nut (rhymes with Donut).    

Our Discount Price is $5,773.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $5,600.00.

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