Frameworks (used, 2013) Baritone Guitar

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#AFB2013/005, made of African mahogany with ebony fingerboard, headplate and bridge, with a zipper gigbag.

This exceptionally well-crafted guitar was made by Frank Krocker, in Germany.   A search for other makers of professional quality baritone guitars, that are collapsible for travel, turns up zero results, except for this maker.   He’s been building these guitars for around 15 years; he builds six-string steel strings, six and seven-string jazz guitars, nylon string Frame guitars and this baritone.  This was custom built for the recent owner with special dimensions chosen to closely approximate those of the Santa Cruz Bob Brozman – having a nominal 27” scale, a nut width of 1 13/16th”, string spacing at the saddle of 2 ¼”.    Both of the last two dimensions are slightly smaller than the SCGC but the prior owner felt it would be more comfortable.  

It has a very high quality RNC pickup, featuring an active pickup with a three-band EQ (which the owner calls “Low, Medium, High").   It has Schaller Mini tuners with ebony buttons, each bearing the Frameworks logo (after all, they’re neighbors).   One of the most significant things is that the body frames, which are padded in foam, actually click into place with the precision of a Swiss watch, and are easily de-mountable.   Removing them renders the guitar into a tiny little package which easily fits into the overhead compartment of almost any airline.    When assembled with the two padded frames, this feels, handles and plays like a full sized guitar.   Very light, we have measured its weight as 4 pounds, one ounce.

It has a strap pin on the bottom side and up under the neck heel.   The jack inserts into a beautifully crafted recessed fitting (something like a Stratocaster® has) which bears the “Frameworks” logo.  It has a compartment in the back of the main body for a 9v battery, an adjustable truss rod accessed from the tip end of the headless headstock.  It has a zero fret in the European tradition.  The neck and body are made from one piece of African mahogany.  It sports 15 frets to the bass frame and 18 frets to the treble frame. There are 19 whole frets plus 3 partial ones.    The fingerboard is neo-classical, meaning no dots on the front of the board, but on the side it has 9 markers in 8 positions.    The prior owner has appropriately strung it with .013 gauge medium gauge phosphor bronze and tunes it from D to D, however it can be tuned down to C to C or, with a heavier gauge string, B to B.     The sound, when played through a high quality acoustic amplifier, is astonishing.

One last thing:  with the Baritone Frame tuned D-to-D, and the neck joining the bass frame at the 15th fret, if you slap a capo on the 2nd fret you have a fully-useful 13-fret cutaway guitar in standard tuning! 

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