Gibson (used, 2000) A5L

Tag No 76-8410 Used

#00120020, Cremona brown sunburst, in very good plus condition with original form fitting black hard shell case.

It shows light to medium normal signs of use and wear including dings on body, neck and peghead. It is nevertheless considered reasonably clean, though obviously played and used for its intended purpose.

This instrument was designed after ideas developed, in part, by Lloyd Loar, the Chief Acoustic Engineer at Gibson from c. 1918 to December 1924. Ironically, Gibson didn’t come out with a teardrop shaped A-style f-hole mandolin until 1934 (a decade after Loar left the building for the last time) when four models were introduced with f-holes in that same year: the A-00, A-1, A-50 and A-75. Gibson must have felt, even through The Great Depression, that there were still enough active mandolin players left who could support 4 A-styles and 4 F-styles (F-5, F-7, F-10, F-12) – all with f-holes. This version, then, is something of a fantasy since Gibson didn’t make any A-style f-hole mandolins for commercial distribution with 13 frets to the body and a fingerboard extension back then, but this variation has, certainly, become the new black now. This is a stunning combination of extremely close and parallel-grain carved (probably Sitka) spruce, shaded in a Cremona sunburst that would bring tears to the eyes of a husky woodsman, and tiger-striped, deeply etched flame on the back and the neck. The sides purport a somewhat wider curl – still beautiful, just not “hit-you-over-the-head” gorgeous like the rest of its dorsal surfaces. The elevated tortoise shell pickguard and its Loar-like three-ply bound side bracket are bordered in ivoroid-black-ivoroid; the 20-full-fret plus 8-partial-fret fingerboard is bordered in crème ivoroid with a line of black there under; the top and back are bound in ivoroid-black-ivoroid and so is the polished ebony overlay with script “The Gibson” and a fancy pearl and abalone flowerpot. The black, bell-shaped truss rod cover just sits there awaiting the return of Lloyd Loar (aren’t we all?) while its eight button pal, the tuners, are etched-back, gold-plated (probably Schallers) with pearloid buttons. This instrument has the highs, sustain and midrange punch of a well-tempered carillon; with this instrument you will be provisioned to barrel on. Book those gigs now – if you own this instrument you will be ready to go on stage.

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