Gibson (used, 2008) Advanced Jumbo Reissue Acoustic Guitar

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#02968049, in vintage sunburst, East Indian rosewood with Sitka spruce top, slope-shouldered, in excellent condition with original black Tolex covered hard shell case.

The original prewar Gibson Advanced Jumbo is a legendary prewar instrument that most people have read about but have never actually seen in person. According to the incredibly useful book Gibson’s Fabulous Flat-top Guitars by Whitford, Vinopal and Erlewine, (Miller Freeman, 1994), “The Gibson catalog of 1937 says: ‘Do you like a deep, throaty guitar – one that has a bass so deep, rich and full that it can be “felt” as well as heard – and a treble that responds to the bass with harmonious singing brilliancy? The new Advanced Jumbo is that guitar.’ Gibson, the book says, was telling the truth, for when their craftsmen designed the AJ in 1935 they set as their goal the best-sounding, most powerful flattop to date. And, in the opinion of many, they were successful, absolutely and totally. The resulting Advanced Jumbo was an amazing guitar, with no compromises, unsurpassed in pure firepower.” Well. That’s certainly an impressive introduction.

Looking it over extremely carefully we would call it solidly excellent condition.  It shows very light pick wear around the area of the pickguard as well as the bass side of the soundhole.  The back and sides are extremely clean, only showing one really small scuff on the bottom of the guitar, near the end pin.  In other words, to repeat, it is in solidly excellent condition and some might even say excellent plus but we’re not using that term.  

The Gibson AJ first saw the light late in 1936 -- it was, like its mahogany predecessors, a slope-shouldered dreadnought with that famous and ferry tisirable “firestripe” pickguard. The guitar was 16” in width and had simple one-ply top and back binding. However, the rosewood fingerboard was bound in celluloid and said fingerboard and the unbound, ebony overlaid headstock were bestowed with a never-before-tried triple arrowhead and diamond pattern that we have always said looks like “fast backward - stop- fast forward” on something once prevalent, called a cassette tape recorder. It had metal button Grover open-gear tuners, a sunburst finish, a long scale of 25.5”. The Advanced Jumbo was made only during the final months of 1936, all of ’37, ’38 and ’39 and then only two of them were shipped in 1940. That doesn’t allow for a lot of production, which is why they hardly ever turn up today.   But now, with the relocation to our showroom of this replicative Gibson endeavor, all that is changed.

Since you asked - another reason so few were made is that this instrument cost $80 at a time when the original Gibson Jumbo cost $60 and the J-35 cost only $35. Very few people had $80 during the Great Depression. You really need to get a copy of the Fabulous Flattop Guitars book and read the entire story of the AJ on pages 47 through 50. It is a story worth retelling, over and over, as well as reading to small children at bedtime.

On this Gibson brand recreation, something strange is evident.  That is, the interior paper label says just "Jumbo" which is strange since "Jumbo" designates a different Gibson model.   Was it completed on, perhaps, a Friday afternoon?  This beautiful creature is glossy finished in vintage sunburst, and it displays fabulously favorable East Indian rosewood back and sides with a Sitka spruce top.  Yes, it is indeed slope-shouldered, as many become when they’re old, and it is in solidly excellent condition. The body depth on this guitar is 3 7/8th" at the neck and 4 7/8th" at the bottom side.  This has the old style script "Gibson" inlaid pearl headstock logo (straight across, no angle) and then underneath, except in vertical format, the "fast backward, stop, fast forward" cassette tape recorder design which also appears, horizontally, on frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15.  Verily it has, as well, the old style Gibson tortoise shell color pickguard pattern, an East Indian rosewood fingerboard that is bound on three sides in crème, a crème-black-crème rosette around the soundhole and a rectangular rosewood bridge with a through-saddle and six crème bridge pins.  Inside is an orange, oval label.  It is a handsome thing, fitted with unsigned Kluson Deluxe style tuners that have nickel-plated butterbean buttons - a combination that is like no Klusons we've ever seen and its sides are bound in single-ply crème. 

This Advanced Jumbo has received the uncommon set-up that can be bestowed only by our incredible staff of crack set-upperers.   It now plays with the smoothness of an unsheathed banana.  Tastes good too.  Its broad ranging sound sparkles with the sonic robustness that can come only by way of materials acquired from Eastern India and Northern North America.   

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