Gibson (used, 1959) ES175D

Tag No 58-9384 Used

#A-29275, electric archtop full depth body jazz guitar, excellent condition, sunburst top and back with uniform brown sides and back of neck.


This guitar is overall in excellent condition – extremely handsome as only a 1959 Gibson single sharp cutaway workingman’s jazz axe can be, showing the patina of age that many that were actually played (and not put away in the china close) are now displaying – pretty much what you expect to see after just over half a century.   It proffers typical signs of aging including finish checking on the face and back, the sides, neck and headstock.    It shows dings and scuffs and, yes even minor chips, as is typical for a 52 year old instrument.  The three-ply laminated black pickguard is flexing slightly upward at its top and bottom points but in our opinion this does not interfere with playability. Because it is original and it works we don’t feel that the pickguard should be replaced.  This stately and beautiful ES-175 has the "squiggle" style nickel-plated trapeze tailpiece which we live for.  Its bridge is two-piece adjustable in Brazilian rosewood (there is an extra bridge base in the pocket of the case but it too seems to be Brazilian rosewood and so probably from the same period).  Its crème bound fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood and inlaid with double parallelograms in eight fret positions.  Its pickup surrounds are original and black, the three-way toggle is original with no black rubber surround (correct for this period) and the center section of the sunburst on the top is properly aged to deep yellow.  


Its tuners are likely newer than the guitar since they say "Gibson Deluxe" on their striped backs, but they occupy the same footprint and built to replicate the “Kluson Deluxe” modality.  The buttons themselves are pearloid tulips with double rings on their stems – um, shafts.  As is often seen, there are some scuffs and chips on and around front and back of headstock.  We discovered that at one time the pickup cover on the bridge pickup had been, in the past, removed and resoldered on, but both pickups are original "Patent Applied For" sticker humbuckers; the guitar’s potentiometers are housed in large cans and so we cannot read the potentiometer numbers but they appear visually to be original and unchanged.  There are some dings (nicks) on the back of the neck; a nickel- plated strap pin has been added to the back of the neck heel.   Gibson describes this model as “A blend of comfortable playability and sonic versatility with presence to spare.”   We cannot disagree.  An ES-175 is a universally loved model, with the capability for the sweetest orchestral smooth jazz tone or the most ferocious blues bite.     With its “Patent Applied For” humbucking pickups the sound of this guitar will make every player fortunate enough to try it feel as if they have finally achieved the tone they have heard all their lives in recordings and always wanted to produce themselves. 

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