Gibson (used, 1980) Flying V Electric Guitar

Tag No 32-3567 Used

#82590008, excellent condition, black finish with a laminated border (white-black border) white pickguard, in excellent condition with original black hard shell rectangular case.

  This guitar shows only the lightest signs of having been played or used, the worst of which is a chip out of the wood and finish at the bass side point adjacent to the strap button and there other (smaller) chips inside the same bass lower point.  Otherwise it shows just extremely minor scratches, scruffs, scrapes, small dings (including on back of the neck.  This has a rounded headstock with a polished black overlay that bears no “Gibson” logo but has the stylized “Gibson” gold manufacturer’s name on the white-black laminated white large truss rod cover. 


The unbound rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with 10 pearloid dotmarkers in 9 fret positions.  The guitar is equipped with two nickel or chrome-plated humbucking pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge and a stop (stud) tailpiece.  It hosts three black high-hat knobs in the lower treble bout and below the knobs, a three position, crème plastic capped toggle.   Below the toggle is the input jack, mounted to the white pickguard.   This guitar has no rubber device (or leg rest) on the treble side and so playing it sitting down would be, um, challenging at best.  It was meant to be played with a strap (however, no strap is provided).   

In the interests of full disclosure, we need to say that on the lead wire for the bridge pickup there is a spliced piece of wire.  Our head of repair, having examined the guitar fully and having found that the instrument is 100% original, states that in his opinion the wire chosen by Gibson at the time of manufacture wasn't long enough to reach to potentiometer and so a small additional piece was spliced on, at the factory, on our around the 259th day of 1980.   

We present to you one of the most beautiful (and elegantly simple) designs ever used on an American solid body guitar. According to our wonderful Wikipedia: “The Gibson Flying V is an electric guitar model first released by Gibson in 1958. The Flying V offered a radical, ‘futuristic’ body design, much like its siblings the Explorer which was released the same year and the Moderne which was designed in 1957 but not released until 1982.  Gibson first manufactured prototypes of the guitar in 1957. Production guitars were made of Korina wood, a trademarked name for limba, a wood similar to but lighter in color than mahogany. This Flying V, along with the Futura (Explorer) and, initially, the Moderne, made up a line of modernist guitars designed by Gibson's then-president Ted McCarty. These designs were meant to add a more futuristic aspect to Gibson's image, but they did not sell well. After the initial launch in 1958, the line was discontinued by 1959. Some instruments were assembled from leftover parts and shipped in 1963, with nickel- rather than gold-plated hardware.


We here at Mandolin Brothers simply do not see a lot of Flying Vs.  And so, when one comes in, it is truly a time for celebration in which we place a Flying V in a guitar stand and then, utilizing our entire staff, plus the staff of the barber shop across the street and the nail salon on the other side of the barber shop, and, yes, the hardware store, we form 4 circles around it – two of the circles go in one direction and two in the opposite direction.  And then we switch while, simultaneously, singing “Here we go ‘round the Muldery bush,” in commemoration of FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder.   

*NOW ON HOLD FOR A CUSTOMER *  Our Discount Price is $3,500.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $3,395.00.

Our Discount Price is $3,500.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $3,395.00.

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