Gibson (used, 1939) Jumbo 35

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#EG6049, very good condition, natural spruce top, mahogany back and sides, hard case to be provided.

Gibson 1939 Jumbo 35 guitars are among the finest sounding Gibson slope-shouldered "jumbo" instruments the world has seen.   We feel that the work that our repair shop has restored this to “very good” condition.  It came in with an inexpensive zipper gigbag but we feel that this instrument deserves a hard shell case and so we will provide one.  

This guitar shows some normal (and in some places slightly greater than normal) signs of use and wear; it shows finish checking.  When it came in it was missing its nut; it had a replaced bridge and saddle and the original tuners were replaced with old and now-oxidized Kluson Deluxe three-on-a-plate with small ivoroid buttons.  The tuners do not look out of place, though Klusons were not available as far back as 1939.  The pickguard is fire-stripe pattern celluloid and appears original.   The unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with 7 mother of pearl dotmarkers in 6 positions starting on 3.  There is pickwear on the wood on the treble side of the soundhole.  Said soundhole is ringed with a circle of crème-black-crème purfling.   Its sides are bound in ivoroid, but this material is not as yellowed in color than one might expect.  There is back-of-neck wear; a separation in the back of headstock at the “ear” above fourth string tuner, and a long separation at the ear on the treble side, back of headstock, from above the third string tuner, traveling down to below the 1st string tuner.    We count at least 6 cracks on this guitar including one on both the treble and bass sides, below the waist.    There may, as well, be some overspray.    Our professional workshop has glued and cleated 6 cracks, glued six braces, replaced the nut (we carve them out of bone) and performed a proper set up.   The guitar has been restrung with EJ-16 light gauge phosphor bronze D’Addario.  

If you would like to read a longer description of a Gibson Jumbo 35 guitar (that happens to have been made 2 years after this) just click this link:

It is said that when a Gibson Jumbo 35 is found to be in solidly excellent condition, with original hard shell case, it can, today, have a market value in upwards  of $15,500.  To review, this guitar has a new bridge and repaired cracks, a new nut, newer (old)  tuners, newer case, glued braces and separations at the headstock as well as more than normal wear.   But hey, it is what it is, and what it is, is very (very) rare.    And amazingly good sounding.

Our Discount Price is $10,305.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $9,995.00.

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