Gibson (used, 1937) L00

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#321C95, Factory Order No. 321C95, sunburst, with original Geib chipboard case.

Prewar Gibson Grand Concert L-00 guitars are legendary.  They pack more sound and the full palette of tonal color into their relatively small 14 ½” wide bodies than anybody that hears them can even believe.  They are the stuff of myth and ancient folk tales.   This example laid before you is a surprisingly clean and original example of the prewar Gibson L-00 flattop small body guitar.   Each of its solid mahogany sides are bound in single-ply crème celluloid; its round soundhole is ringed in crème-black-crème; the pickguard is “fire stripe” tortoise shell color celluloid; the parallel-grained spruce top is gorgeous vintage sunburst while the all solid mahogany back, sides and the back of the neck are finished in uniform brown. Its headstock has a black glossy overlay that displays finish checking and the white script “Gibson” old style logo; six open-gear tuners are have nickel-plated rectangular back plates (three-on-a-plate) and grained ivoroid buttons.  The neck is V-shaped, the nut width measures 1 ¾”; the bridge spacing at the newer bridge saddle is 2 3/8ths”, and the guitar sports a short scale length of 24.9”.  The nut, she is black ebony.  The black, bell-shaped plastic truss rod cover on the headstock is original and held in place by two roundhead screws, the tailpin appears original or at least old. 

This guitar’s tuners are as clean as the proverbial whistle – we don’t know if we’ve ever seen cleaner prewar tuners.  There are normal scuffs around the headstock, dings and scuffs on the back of the neck and chips here and there including missing finish on both sides of the side of the fretboard at the 14th fret where the neck meets the body.   The top surface show normal scratches, fingernail marks and small pickwear below and above the pickguard.  Finish checking, which is quite normal on something (or somebody) made in 1937, is evident overall as are extremely light shirt button marks on the back and equally small string changing marks on the headplate.  The Brazilian rosewood unbound fingerboard has 14-fret to the body (and 19 frets total) and hosts 7 mother of pearl dotmarkers in 6 positions.  The Brazilian rosewood bridge shows some signs of having been reglued in the past (just a little, nothing major) and by the time you read this our shop will have made and installed a new and correctly sized bone bridge saddle, performed set-up and restrung this marvelous marmoset with D’Addario light gauge phosphor bronze.   

This then is the type of instrument one may search for all of his or her lifetime.   If you are seeking a particularly clean example of a prewar Gibson L-00 – cleaner than most by far – don’t hold back.   Give in to that urge to own that which has eluded you, like Old Magnus, the longest surviving Blackfin Darter who has, it is said, survived for seven decades in yonder 102-foot deep glacial kettle-hole pond.  But tonight he shall be the centerpiece at our Druid feast!!   Yes, at last, Old Magnus, I shall have you.  You’ll excuse me whilst I wipe the saliva from my jowls. 

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