Gibson (used, 1953) Les Paul Gold Top Electric Guitar

Tag No 32-4268 Used

#3 2784, excellent condition, all original (the bridge on the guitar is a replacement but the original resides in the case pocket) with the original hard shell case.

In the beginning there was the Gibson Les Paul Model and, on the face of it, it was gold.   This heaviest of heavy metal style guitars was, at that time, used for jazz and pop,  and Lester William Polfus was its visionary progenitor. Repeat after me:  “first year Les Pauls have no serial number but in the next year, 1953, the serial number begins with a 3 for the year, then a space, then 4 digits.”   Les, performing country music as Rhubarb Red at that time,  wanted to build an instrument with a “vibration-free top” so he went to the Larson Brothers of Chicago, then to Epi Stathopoulo at Epiphone, then to John D’Angelico and each of those builders worked up strange and new variations at Les’s request.  The Larsons built him an acoustic with a ½” maple top; D’Angelico built a wooden support under the top of his 1937 Gibson archtop guitar.   Epiphone allowed him to use their factory machinery to experiment with new designs and there he built “The Log” out of a 4x4 (not the truck) with some wooden side panels glued on.   He showed this to Maurice Berlin, then the owner of Gibson, who called it “The Broomstick” and, in 1949, told his staff, “Find me that kid with the Broomstick and sign him up!”    The production version that followed is, of course, a thing of great beauty.  The essence of simplicity, it had a slim maple top glued to a thicker mahogany back, a mahogany glued-in neck, 16 frets to the body and 22 frets total.   It had two crème “soap-bar” single coil pickups, four gold knobs, and a three position selector switch, which switch locking washer is buffered by a circle of celluloid stamped “rhythm” and “treble.” 

As they become through normal aging and playing, the top is crazed, the back is belt buckled.   The gold top finish is dinged and nicked.  Pickups and electronic components are original.  Most of the hardware is showing normal yet slight corrosion.   These are deficiencies you expect on a 62-year-old Les Paul, the main thing is that it looks utterly great, plays effortlessly and sounds like the thunder rolling in over the Rockies.

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