Gibson (used, 1968) RB-175 Long Neck

Tag No 32-4156 Used

#961765, in very good plus condition with a newer hard shell case.

The Gibson RB-175 debuted in the Gibson line-up in 1962 and, although it was changed in spec a bit in 1970 production continued until 1973 when the Gibson Company apparently felt that the last inveterate left-leaning folkie had finally aged out of the draft and so there was no longer any need to sing protest songs in front of draft boards, and so, no more need for this model.  People have been known to refer to all long neck 5-string banjos as a “Pete Seeger Model” but, my friends, that is not an appropriate use of the term.  For one thing, a Pete Seeger Model needs to have been built by Vega and it must have the venerable nickel-plated brass Tu-ba-phone tone ring; it’s nice when it also has a long, thin yellow label on the inside of its rim that says that it’s a Pete Seeger. 

We aren't sure the origin of the flower painted on the headstock but we  imagine it was painted by someone in the early 70s, channeling his (or her) inner peace, love and happiness.   

This banjo has nicks, scrapes, chips and dings all over including some deep ones.  There are three filled holes where a sliding fifth string capo was inflicted on the poor hapless devil.   The unbound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is demarcated with 10 pearl dotmarkers in 7 fret positions – having double dots at frets 7, 12 and 24.  With a 32” scale length and 25 frets; the back of the neck is beautiful old growth mahogany.   The rim is also mahogany, finished in glossy dark brown.  It engages 24 metal brackets, shoes and nuts, some of which brackets show normal oxidation.    Notwithstanding the light normal signs of aging, the banjo is all original except for the replaced tailpiece (the original remains in the case pocket) and the painted flower on the fiddle pegehad.   Owning it may make you want to jump up from your seated position, in any large group of like-minded unreconstructed hippies, and shout “JOIN ME KIDS!”

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