Gibson (used, 2003) RB-3 Reissue 5-String Banjo

Tag No 32-4147 Used


If one is seeking “mint” condition, this is not “mint” (but then what is?), but it is certainly solidly excellent.   There are the most insignificant belt buckle in the wood on the back of the resonator as any instrument would suffer from just being around human beings for 12 years, but no sign of what one might call “playing wear.”

The fingerboard is a lighter and more reddish tinted East Indian rosewoodthan one usually sees, similar to a prewar Dobro that has a “red bean” ‘board. This wood is gorgeous with parallel vertical grain throughout that contrasts dramatically with its 10 “varied pattern” design inlays. Said pattern starts with a bowtie (so many long term relationships do) at the first fret and ends with a flying birdie at the last fret with the traditional “Mastertone” pearl block at the 21st fret. It has twin coordinator rods, a 20-hole flathead tone ring that actually fits quite nicely with no observable air space around it, and a black bordered, gold oval “Gibson Mastertone; Gibson Inc., Nashville, TN” mounted on its internal treble side. The serial number is stamped into the rim. The back of the neck – one piece of high quality mahogany, is finished in a dark brown; the four headstock tuners are unlabeled sealed-gear with round covers each bearing a double stripe, while the fifth string peg is also geared and Kroll style. All 5 buttons match, being large and pearloid. This is a one-piece flange banjo, made to replicate the flathead Mastertones of the mid-1930s. It is fine sounding, well taken care of, and loud enough to wake the dead.

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