Gibson (used, 1924 circa) TB-2 Trapdoor short scale tenor banjo

Tag No 39-1309 Used

#112204-13, in very good condition with original hard shell case.

This banjo, suitable for any tenor banjo work but especially Celtic, has a 10 ½” diameter skin head – likely original – a scalloped slide-down tailpiece cover, a maple and ebony Grover bridge that is likely a replacement, an unbound ebony or stained pearwood fingerboard hosting 18 frets and 6 mother of pearl dotmarkers in 5 positions, a black overlain pickguard that comes to a point at the top and displays a “The Gibson” logo in silver silkscreen.  The crème celluloid bound trapdoor resonator, is finished in Sheraton brown and shows some normal signs of wear; the side is likewise brown and shows only minor signs of use; there is a slight amount of oxidation on the stretcher band; it has 22 brackets, nuts and hooks.  The case will be receiving a new handle.

The stretcher band takes the form of a trough into which all brackets reside; there is a standard chrome-plated armrest that was added after-market.   The headplate shows normal string changing marks and other signs of use and the finish on the back of the neck is rubbed (by the hand) to dull.   On the inside of the pot is found one coordinator rod, all of the bolts that hold the bracket shoes – three of which penetrate the Gibson gold oval warranty label (!) and there is, for  some reason lost to the ages, an extra hole at the bottom side, inside of rim, about whose purpose we are uncertain but it appears after-market as well. It could be the secret passageway to The Fifth Dimension, a group we would very much like to hear again. The trapdoor hinged resonator has the single-ply bound oval sound port and the corrugated thumbscrew that releases the top section of the back.  Its four tuners are original; the interior rim, under and at the perimeter of the skin, is bestowed with the festival-of-holes hollow tube that later became the Ball Bearing type of tone ring.   This banjo has a small neck bow – nothing out of line for an 86 year old, but we believe in full disclosure.   Our shop will have performed its extra-terrestrial level set-up and probe, and when you see this concise but well-preserved potato in person it will shout out to you with glee.       OH – one other thing -- and this is totally charming:   Hand-etched very lightly on the tailpiece cover (hard to see unless you know to look) are a few words spoken across the mists of time by the apparently original owner, who was probably in college when he etched this.   It reads (to the best of our ability to discern):  “Long May I Wave, Nov. 21, 1925” and then, in Greek, as quoted from Lord Byron’s romantic poem “Maid of Athens, Ere We Part” which was written in Athens, Greece in 1810, “Zoe Mou Sas Agapo” which translates to “My Life, I love you!”   And then the last name “Collins.”    Wow.   It’s like a tenor tuned time capsule! (Or for that matter the ’60s-‘70s R&B duo, “I can tune a tenor.”).  Way to go, Young Collins! 

Our Discount Price is $1,025.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $995.00 however this is "on hold" for a buyer in New Zealand.


Our Discount Price is $1,025.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $995.00.

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