Gilchrist (used, 1999) Model 5 Mandolin

Tag No 58-9930 Used

#99445, brown sunburst varnish finish, in excellent (or better) original condition with a black exterior Calton hard shell case.

Mr. Gilchrist and Mr. Monteleone comprise two of the world’s highest level  builders of Florentine-style mandolins. Players around the globe are willing to wait five, six or more years to obtain a Gilchrist.  This mandolin, which was made in Stephen’s home town of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, displays a headstock emblazoned with a large, colorful abalone and pearl torch at the center and, above that is gleaming the stylized “Gilchrist” underlined logo inlaid in script pearl. Attached thereto is a traditional bell-shaped black plastic truss rod cover held in place by two roundhead screws.  The nut on this example is mother of pearl; the bridge is carved ebony and two-piece in the traditional style dating back to the signed Loar mandolins of 1922-’24.  The silvery-covered hinged tailpiece is a proprietary design that is etched “Gilchrist” with small leaves above and below, that features a quick release device that allows it to open on a spring to allow string changes (and also to flip aluminum soda can tabs if you are so inclined).  

The fingerboard is black ebony, inlaid with six bright and colorful mother of pearl dotmarkers in five positions, bound in ivoroid with ebony underlay.  The top, back and tortoise shell plastic elevated pickguard are bordered in ivoroid-black-ivoroid.  Tuners are high quality (maybe Schaller) with pearl buttons, each bearing a Phillips screw and washer on the outside center.  Said tuner plates are engraved in a repeating floral pattern.  The two-piece back is beautifully figured maple – intensely grained, and the sides and the back of the one-piece neck (other than the ears of course that allow for the twin headstock scrolls) are curly maple. The width of the first fret at the nut is generous and easy to negotiate - slightly wider than 1 3/16th and slightly smaller than 1 ¼”. 

This instrument is in excellent or possibly excellent plus condition showing some very small fingernail marks in the finish on the treble side of the pickguard, a few other light and extremely small scratches or indents here and there, the lightest possible degree  of fret wear mainly on courses 1 and 2, a few minute nicks around the headstock (and other places) but nothing serious – just what one would expect from eleven years of careful ownership. 

 The sound of this mandolin is celestial, producing a sound that makes other mandolins shiver from the sudden cool breeze that is often felt in abandoned Victorian houses when the moon is full, and huddle behind their woolen shawls, trying to look inconspicuous.   As with other Gilchrist mandolins we have had, this instrument can be as sweet and mild as the caress of a peacock feather when she wants to be, but with just a little more plectral pressure, can also generate enough amperage to provide electric power to the entire village of Cropsey, Illinois (around 2 hours southwest of Chicago), where Lloyd Loar was himself born on January 9, 1886.  The density and resonance of her tone, her infinitely variable sensitivity and irrepressible strength and vigor, make for a mandolin that, at only a tiny fraction of the price of Mr. Loar’s consummate construction, gives you 88.5% of the thrill of owning the ‘20s paradigm.  This is a mandolin for a monumental musician, but even if that doesn’t exactly describe your own personal skills, if you owned an instrument of this stature the expression “you can get there from here” would apply.  

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