Gilchrist (used, 2014) Model 5 Mandolin

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#71014, Cremona sunburst, in “near mint condition” with an off white exterior Calton hard shell case.

Mr. Gilchrist along with Mr. Monteleone comprise the top two builders of Florentine style mandolins in the world. People have been happily willing (ask ‘em, they’re happy) to wait years to obtain a Gilchrist. This mandolin, which was made in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, displays a headstock emblazoned with a large, colorful abalone and pearl torch at the center and, above that the stylized “Gilchrist” underlined logo inlaid in script pearl. Attached thereto is a traditional bell-shaped black plastic truss rod cover held in place by two flathead screws. The nut on this example is bone.

The tailpiece cover is unique, comprised of a silvered cover that is held onto the base by two pins, that has the “Gilchrist” logo both over-lined and underlined, a fanciful scalloped (7 times rounded) upper edge and a rectangular hole that covers a rotating release device that holds it cover to base.

The fingerboard is black ebony, inlaid with six shining mother of pearl dotmarkers in five positions, gold wire frets, bound in ivoroid with an ebony underlay. The top, back and tortoise shell plastic elevated pickguard are bound in ivoroid-black-ivoroid. Tuners are extremely high quality (maybe Schaller) with pearl buttons, each bearing a Phillips screw and washer on the outside center. The back is beautifully figured maple – intensely grained, and so are the sides and the back of the two-piece neck.

This mandolin shows just about no signs of use or wear, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs unless we described every nook and cranny.  On the right side of tailpiece (on the top) there are two very small fingernail impressions along with one very miniscule ding on the back of the headstock. 

The sound of this mandolin is ethereal, producing a tone that makes other mandolins blanch with emotional distress and slink out of the room. And speaking of Blanche, a customer who owned a Gilchrist Model 5 mandolin once told us that it’s okay to name your Gilchrist with a fancy lady’s name since “she can be subtle, gentle and sophisticated, yet able to devour a herringbone dreadnought and spit out the bones!” This mandolin can be as sweet and mild as the caress of a peacock feather when she wants to be, but with just a little more plectral pressure, can also generate enough amperage to provide electric power to the entire village of Chateaugay, New York (the town where Orville Gibson was, in 1856, born). The density and resonance of her tone, its infinitely variable sensitivity and irrepressible strength and vigor, make for an instrument that, at only a tiny fraction of the price of an original Lloyd Loar F-5, gives you 88.5% of the thrill of owning the ‘20s paradigm. This is a Model 5 with which to rumba, and, just so you know, there’s a dance tonight at the gym.


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Video Demos

Mike Sassano of the group "Too Blue" demonstrates our 2014 Gilchrist Model 5 mandolin.

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