Goodall (used, 2002) Rosewood Parlor 12-fret slothead

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#RP12S2976 , redwood and rosewood, in excellent minus condition with original but somewhat worn hard shell case.

This extremely fine guitar has been owned by a famous singer-songwriter, and a hero of the folk movement, Terre Roche and is accompanied by a letter from the artist.

This is the guitar James Goodall calls a “Parlor” size.  It measures 14” in body width at the lower bout, has a scale length of 25” from nut to saddle, a total length of 38 ¾”, a body length of 19 ¼”, a body depth at bottom side of 4 1/16th” and an approximate body depth near the neck of 3 9/16th”.     This guitar, of course, has a slotted headstock design with squared slots.  Its ebony peghead overlay is inlaid with the large “flying G” which stands for Goodall guitars.  Said ‘stock is bound in flame maple and so are each of the sides.     On the neck block is a rectangle of paper on which the builder lists what he used to call the “Ingredients” but which now he calls “Woods” and they are:  “East Indian rosewood, redwood, curly maple, mahogany, ebony, fancy Paua.”   Below that under “Strings” he has written “light gauge only.”    The maker has provided a clear plastic pickguard on the treble side of the face.   The instrument is pickup-equipped. The soundhole is decorated with a Paua shell abalone ring, and then a simple black inner ring.

The fingerboard is unbound black ebony that is inlaid with 7 etched squares in 5 fret positions.    The top is ringed by very thin and delicate black and crème purfling in 5 plies, the sides in 3 plies and the back in two-plies, mitered at the center with a strip of flame maple as the backstripe.  The end graft is likewise mitered and also flame maple.  The heel cap is the same.  A black chrome strap button has been added to the treble side of the neck heel.   This guitar has an oval shaped back of neck.  Its tuners are engraved gold plate three-on-a-side with black oval ebony buttons.   There are  the usual array of nicks and chips on and around the headstock, some typical dings, scuffs, scrapes and scratches here and there on the body and neck, some light fret wear, which our workshop will have cleaned up somewhat.

The guitar is accompanied by a signed letter from the recording artist who has owned this instrument since it was new.   It reads:  “To the new Owner,   Here’s to my wonderful Goodall guitar which was custom made for me in the fall of 2002 by master guitar-maker James Goodall.  I don’t normally name my guitars, but I call ‘Garuda’ after the mythic bird hatched full-blown in mid-air who never lands.   I played this guitar on the last Roches’ record, ‘Moonswept,’ on my niece Lucy Wainwright Roche’s record, ‘Lucy,’ and on the first Afro-Jersey CD ‘Afro-Jersey.’    But mainly I’ve played this guitar at home where I’ve had many hours enjoying her rich, round, warm tones.  If you are a fingerstyle guitar player you’ve stumbled upon a real gem here.  Every detail of this guitar was designed with fingerpicking in mind.     I wish you many such hours as I’ve had with Garuda.  Good luck with your musical journey always!     Cheers, (signed) Terry Roche), Cinco de Mayo, 2014.”  

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