Huber Banjos (used, 2008) Jim Mills Model 5-String Resonator

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#1108-90, in excellent original condition with original hard shell case. NOW ON SALE!

This banjo is made from high quality mahogany for its resonator and back of neck; said resonator sports twin concentric circles each comprised of 3-ply crème-black-crème, the top and back of the resonator is bound in ivoroid; the fingerboard is likewise bound in ivoroid.   The back of the “speed” neck has had its dark mahogany stain only behind the headstock and in the area from the 17th fret downward.  The special finishing process leaves a silken natural mahogany color between the first fret and the 16th fret on the back of the neck. The neck is a gentle and non-aggressive V-shape; in our opinion perhaps it could better be called a comfortable “U” shape. 

The metal parts, i.e. the hardware, are three-layer (triple) matte gold-plated including the unsigned geared tuners with grained ivoroid buttons, the “flying birds” inlay pattern of an RB-2 model inlaid into a beautifully reddish brown colored East Indian rosewood fingerboard.  It proffers the repeating wreath pattern on the gold-plated stretcher band and armrest engraving of a Granada, an unsigned hinged Presto-gleaned clamshell tailpiece, a Huber maple and ebony bridge.   It displays the “Huber” script inlaid pearl headplate logo against a black (possibly ebony) background and thereunder a bright white pearl fleur-de-lis.  The truss rod cover shape is non-traditional, appearing to be the silhouette of a woman’s sleeveless dress on, say a mannequin with a very small head.   On the 17th fret position there is a single parallelogram, on the 19th there are double dotmarkers and on the last (22nd) fret there are three dotmarkers.     There are some minor scuffs behind the headstock (on the edge) and some finish is chipping along the edge of the back of the resonator, but these aberrations are quite small, and one would say it shows far less signs of playing time than do most used banjos. 

Greatly resembling, in both appearance and sound, a prewar flathead Huber banjos are renowned for their attention to detail and dedication to the ideals of the period 1933-1941.    The builder provides his legendary alloy tone ring made to original specifications, his one-piece zinc flange (and as you know having a zinc flange can protect you from the common cold), a rim that is made in three-plies using hide glue, the most precious of adhesives and seldom chosen today.  But that’s not all – you get the Huber resonator, made in five-plies for your stentorian pleasure, the Huber coordinator rods – made of steel, just like Superman – and, also like Superman’s favorite Barcalounger™ it has a one-piece armrest.     The Mills model is based on Mr. Mills own prewar banjo – and it, too, is said to have the special (even unique) engraving pattern that his most pedigreed of puppies has.   This engraving pattern is yet another aspect that sets this banjo apart from anything else currently being offered in the market. The tone ring, tailpiece and arm rest feature this eye-opening engraving. 

Mr. Huber adds a little bit of yellow stain to his lacquer finish – in order to more accurately equal the look of Jim Mills’ personal banjo.   This “speed” portion of the neck is made by applying no lacquer during the finishing process and the lighter colored area is coated with a special wax, which makes the back of the neck feel as if the finish is removed, but it ain’t.  This special coat (of subtle colors) allows the player to play with no tendency to have his or her hand stick to the back of the neck when under the hot lights of intense fame and/or audience adulation.    Dollar for dollar we feel that if one doesn’t happen to have the $150,000 or so required for a 1930s Granada flathead, the Huber Jim Mills will provide you, its owner, a significant portion of the pleasure and prestige that possessing a prewar provides.NOW ON SALE.  WAS $4325.  NOW: 

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