Koontz (used, 1972) SK-1 acoustic-electric archtop guitar

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#2030, 3-tone sunburst, in excellent condition with black hard shell, presumably original, plush lined case.

Sam Koontz was a guitar builder who was decades ahead of his time. Regrettably, he died while young but his instruments, in extremely short supply, have become legendary. This is a large body standard design acoustic archtop bearing a DeArmond gold-plated floating pickup in the position just below the end of the 5-ply bordered ebony fingerboard. The pickup is attached, by a sliding metal dowel, to the bass side bottom edge of the bound fretboard. The thick elevated ebony pickguard, against which this DeArmond abuts, is 9-ply bordered and has affixed to it two white conical knobs, one for volume and one for tone.

The headstock on this instrument is, like the reputation of its builder, extraordinarily big, being 8 ¾" in height, 4 5/8" wide at its widest point; said headstock is inlaid "Koontz" in large script pearl and has a medieval type crest below the logo. The truss rod cover looks like a ghost with its arms lifted and is held in place by two parallel gold plated Phillips head screws at "chest" height. Tuners are large striped-back Grovers with stair step buttons. The nut is polished bone and there is a zero fret under the nut; the fingerboard is inlaid with eight split block mother of pearl markers - alternating one diagonal ebony line and two diagonal lines. Each of the highly stylized and large f-shaped soundholes, diagonally measuring around 6" apiece, is bound in four-plies of white-black binding. The adjustable bridge, like everything else, is massive, with a split block inlaid on each side of the carved ebony base and a carved bulbous saddle.

The bridge is currently set to a high setting while the action remains comfortable. The hinged gold-plated trapeze tailpiece has a floral pattern in relief under the wave shaped cross-piece. The condition of this example is overall excellent, although the guitar shows a small amount of fret wear, a few crazing lines here and there. The instrument shows a number of small dings and scratches indicating signs of playing. All of this is completely normal, doctor, and in fact the guitar shows only a light amount of them. A gold-plated strap pin has been added to the bass side near the neck heel.  There is was some erosion occurring to the heel cap,  which is celluloid and celluloid does this, so we replaced it with new binding.  The binding along the pickguard was also starting to seperate, which we also repaired.  This guitar WAS $41,234 NOW ON SALE FOR:

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