Mandolin Brothers Black T-Shirt, Size Small


#TEEBLKS, A best buy in a t-shirt from your favorite company.

Mandolin Brothers’ t-shirts provide their wearers instant prestige and credibility, everywhere they go, as a connoisseur of fine new and vintage guitars, banjos and mandolins.  We know this because people who wear them in faraway States and foreign countries tell us that when they come across players of fretted instruments from these exotic places (like Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) or Mendocino, musicians gather around them and ask them questions like “Have you been to Mandolin Brothers?”  “What’s it like?”  “Tell me all about it.”     It’s a great way to make new friends in distant places.   In addition, our t-shirt will keep you warm on crisp September evenings, and may even get you into restaurants where the sign says “No shirt, no service.”     They come in these mostly vibrant colors: Gym-Suit gray, Absence-of-color Black, If-it’s-5-o-clock-it-must-be-time-for  Burgundy, Deep Purple, Grant Green and It’s-all-over-now-navy Blue.   You can choose from a vast array of Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra-Extra Large examples.   Each one bears the image of our favorite instrument, the F-5 mandolin, on the front, and a brief advertisement that happens to be 100% true on the back.    Only $15 (a lot less than those t-shirts you see at the mall), made in a heavyweight blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and Heche in El Salvador where they know how to Heche.        

Our Price is $15.00.

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