Martin (used, 2006) 0-45 Stephen Stills Limited Edition Acoustic Guita

Tag No 32-4233 Used

#1267948, individual #83 or 91 total made, in "near mint" condition with the original hard shell case.

Martin has outdone itself with the Stephen Stills 0-45, a small but lovely voiced Concert Size instrument.   The Madagascar on the back and sides reminds us of the gorgeous grain of Brazilian with its dark contrasting grain lines combined with a bit of swirl on the two extremes.  It has the vertical format “C Martin F” headstock logo in stylized script abalone, every letter separately inlaid against that chocolate-against-the-mocha Madagascar headplate.  Here are C F Martin’s specifications (paraphrased):  Size 0, 12-frets to the body, having a solid Adirondack spruce top and solid Madagascar sides and back.  The binding is grained ivoroid, the top, sides, back and endpiece are inlaid with black/white fiber purfling; the top, back, sides, endpiece and neck heel are surrounded in inlaid abalone (-45 style).  The back of the neck is “selected hardwood” which is usually Spanish cedar; the neck shape is modified V, the top is scalloped X-braced, the nut and saddle are fossilized ivory, the saddle having 16'' radius and it is compensated the bridge is pyramid with a drop-in saddle (drop in any time).    This guitar has 12 frets clear of the body and 19 frets total, not that you’d really need any more. 

The neck is attached to the body with mahogany blocks and a dovetail joint; the headstock shape is semi-squared at its top edges, and there is a “long diamond” dart carved on the back of the neck behind the nut.  Its scale length is 24.9”; it has a fretboard width of 1 7/8” at the nut just like the prewar original would have had.  At the 12th fret the fingerboard width is 2 5/16” and the same distance applies to the string spacing at the bridge.  The finish is polished gloss on the body and neck; the fingerboard is ebony with style -45 snowflake inlays and the tuners are gold-plated Waverlys, side-mounted, with small grained ivoroid buttons.  Its bridge and end pins are fossil ivory with black pearl dots; it has no pickguard, and, again, the finish on all exterior surfaces (except the fingerboard which is ebony, black and matte) is polished gloss. It has the Style -45 (Golden Era) snowflake inlays with Mr. Still’s abalone inlaid facsimile signature between the 17th fret and the end of the ‘board.   This guitar’s label was hand-signed by C. F, Martin IV and by the phenomenal guitarist/songwriter, Stephen Stills.  Each label is numbered in sequence with the total number of guitars in this model run (that would be 91 – which was the number of D-45 guitars Martin made prewar, but they made 158 Style 0-45s which makes the use of the number 91 somewhat strange) and, in addition, the guitar’s individual number within that series.  This one is number 83 of 91.    It is housed in a very classy Model 515 Geib style hard shell case.   

Being a style -45 C F Martin Company is compelled to use their highest grade of wooden materials and that requirement shows in every square inch of this instrument.  It sound is strong and well balanced.  There are people who love little guitars, especially gorgeous beyond words little guitars, and even more especially, there are people who love guitars co-designed and signed by musician extraordinaire Stephen Stills.   I’d play this guitar right now, myself, but where’s my toy giraffe?  I need my toy giraffe.  



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