Martin (new) 00DB Jeff Tweedy Acoustic Guitar

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#1841893, Special Limited Edition, individual #940, with hard shell case.

The 00-DB Jeff Tweedy Edition was inspired by one of Jeff's many love-worn Martins. It is a traditional 14-fret 00 size Grand Concert guitar with a deeper body for fuller sound and a modified V shape neck with long scale (25.4"). The top, back, and side of the guitar are all constructed from 100% FSC certified mahogany and it features a unique mahogany sunburst top inspired by a Martin Museum piece Tweedy has long admired. The interior label of each instrument is personally signed by Tweedy and numbered in sequence. The guitar is Martin's first Custom Artist model that is 100% FSC Certified, an important distinction for both Tweedy and Martin.

Tweedy acquired his first Martin in 1998 while recording Mermaid Avenue Volume 1, a collaboration with British folk singer Billy Bragg, setting original music to song lyrics by the truest of American icons, songwriter Woody Guthrie. For it, Tweedy wanted an instrument reflective of the time in which Guthrie was writing and recording music, so he purchased a 1930's Martin 018. Since then, Tweedy's collection has grown to include dozens of Martins including the latest addition, the first 00-DB Jeff Tweedy.

"It has been such a privilege to work with Martin to design this guitar," said Tweedy. "The shape and the aesthetic are based largely on my favorite go-to Martins that I have been using for years to write and record music. It is a huge honor to have my name associated with an instrument of this caliber."

"Jeff Tweedy has carried the torch of acoustic songwriting to an exciting place in contemporary music. He is a remarkable ambassador for Martin and has bridged generations of fans" said Chris Martin, Chairman and CEO, C.F. Martin & Co. "It is a pleasure to work with such a talented artist and to see this partnership reach a new level with the 00-DB Jeff Tweedy model."

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Wilco have released ten studio albums to date, including Mermaid Avenue Volumes 1 & 2. Their 2002 album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was named the third best album of the decade by Rolling Stone magazine.

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