Martin (used, 1965) 016NY

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#203679, in very good plus condition with newer Cedar Creek hard shell case with Small Dog case cover.

The Martin 0-16NY was made from 1961 until at least 1992 and in that time 6,138 were made. In the year 1965 Martin made 375 of ‘em. Being a Size 0 it is 13.5” in body width, has a Sitka spruce top and mahogany sides and back, a Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, fingerboard and rectangular pin bridge. It is a slothead with a 1 7/8” nut width and a 2 ¼” string spacing at the bridge. The unbound rosewood fingerboard has no markers on the front surface but 7 white dotmarkers on the bass side. The top is bound with tortoise shell color celluloid, the back is unbound; the top also has black-white four ply purfling around its perimeter. The nut on this guitar is quite white and probably replaced, the side mounted tuners are filigree etched with crème buttons and appear original; the bridge saddle is set rather low but the action, with silk and steel strings is comfortable. The guitar shows light normal signs of use and wear in the form of dings, scratches, scuffs, nicks including around the soundhole and around the peghead, some possible capo marks on back of neck (visible and palpable but not deep). This guitar has an internal passive pickup and strap pin/end pin at the bottom side. Our repairperson adds: minor dings around the back edges and elsewhere, K&K pickup installed, minor scratch on fretboard between nut and first fret, (finish is chipped around where the nut was replaced, and possibly touched up as well), 2 dings on heel of neck.

There is an excellent discussion of the 0-16NY available at “The Unique Guitar Blog: In 2004 the C F Martin Guitar Company came out with a model guitar that was loosely based on the 0-16NY that Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson purchased back in 1972. However the Martin reissue wasn’t of the 0-16NY, exactly. It was a rosewood guitar called 0-28 that (coincidentally) came standard from the factory with a pickup. That model had a Martin MAP of $4339 and this guitar is less than half of that. Besides, Anderson used the 0-16NY in Jethro Tull, not an 0-28. This is an enormously likeable instrument with a memorable and illustrious sound that, when you hear it, you will no doubt remember with aching fondness. 

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