Martin (used, 2011) Custom Shop Model 00-17

Tag No 32-3753 Used

#1508833, Number 12 of the series, a commemorative edition to honor the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

This model is a 14-fret 00 (Grand Concert) whose solid and genuine mahogany body is finished in a moderately dark stain.  It has an ebony fingerboard hosting six mother of pearl or abalone “moon” inlays in five fret positions starting at 5.  It is housed in a Martin Geib style hard shell case that bears an oval, bronze “C F Martin / made by TKL” plaque on its front.  The outside of the hard shell case shows some white marks.   

 The condition of this example is excellent.  It is extremely clean; however there is a hairline crack on the bottom going east and west from the tailpin.    When you see this in our showroom our workshop will have professionally glued this crack.   There are some extremely minor marks on the headplate, possibly from string changing.  Overall, it is excruciatingly clean and, in all other ways, wholly original.  

Its interior paper label states “1962-2011, Philadelphia Folk Festival, 50th Anniversary Custom, Individual Number 12, and it is hand signed Chris F. Martin, IV.    This guitar has small button, “burnished” nickel-plated, open-gear tuners, each bearing the “C F Martin” script logo on its plate.  It has a squared peghead shape, the older style “C F Martin & Co., Est. 1833” headstock decal on an East Indian rosewood matte finished overlay.   Its top and back are bound in tortoise shell plastic; its beveled-edge teardrop-shaped pickguard is mounted over the finish.  There is some white polishing compound evident around the pickguard.  The soundhole is decorated with three concentric rings as its rosette, the center of which is comprised of 9 plies of light and dark wood.  The face is bordered by similar purfling – light-dark-light-dark.   A black chrome strap button has been inserted in the treble side of the neck heel by a prior owner.   The bridge is carved of ebony, and displays a “through” style saddle and six ebony bridge pins; the heel cap and end graft appear to be ebony and there is an ebony end pin at the bottom side.  This guitar has a short scale of 24.9” nut to saddle.  It has a nut width of 1 ¾” and a string spacing at the bridge of 2 ¼” from E to E.   

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