Martin (used, 1949) D-28 Acoustic Guitar

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#110007, Sitka Spruce top with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, in “very good plus” condition, with period appropriate case with the name “Warren Purdy” written on a plate on the case.

Epic poems and mythological fantasies that cross cultural boundaries are written and sung about C F Martin D-28 guitars made in the 1940s. The pace at the old North Street (Nazareth) factory was considerably slower in those halcyon postwar days.   While C F Martin Co. was able to ship out a monumental 5,980 D-28 model guitars in 1973 (or approximately 23.64 of them produced per working day), in 1949 they shipped a total of only 427 D-28s (or around 1.69 per working day).   The wood choices that were commonplace back then are, by today’s standards, mind-blowing.  The Brazilian rosewood is quartersawn and straight-grained to the max.   The hand-selected Sitka spruce top is positively parallel, proffering a nearly equidistant grain pattern in all quadrants, and said top has darkened to a highly favorable orange hue.  (Hey!? Orange hue Eric Clapton?).

This guitar sounds amazing and marvelous.   The D-28 has always been the country musicians’ (c.f. Hank Williams’ 1941 or Clarence White’s 1935) optimum working tool and this one doesn’t disappoint.   It shows normal signs of use including pick wear, dings and finish checking on the top and back.  The neck has had, at one time in the past, a very small repaired crack and splice behind the first fret (which was repaired quite well) and the headstock shows some light nicks and scratches.  There are two repaired top cracks located under the bridge and another on the treble side waist (adjacent to pickguard).   The tuners are original and the case is period appropriate, however the bridge plate appears to be a replacement and the bridge has been shaved down and reglued at some point in the past.  The pickguard appears to be the original. 

 If playing a 1940s Martin is the culmination of your life’s dream (as it has been ours for decades), although it is Brazilian this guitar will do all the things Governor Mark Sanford’s Argentinean companion could do for him, and more.

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