Martin (used, 1950) D-28 Acoustic Guitar

Tag No 32-4367 Used

#113120, in “very good plus” condition, with a Sitka Spruce top with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and period appropriate hard shell case.

The end of the era of the Brazilian rosewood guitar as standard issue arrived in the fall of 1969.   Before that we complacently expected that all Martin rosewood back and sides guitar would forever be made from this magical, sonorous, clear and powerful voiced, outrageously beautiful stuff.    But no, it didn’t turn out that way.   Casting our minds back to the year 1950 – only three years after the discontinuation of herringbone top trim, you will find that C F Martin made only 475 D-28 guitars.  There is, however, no significant difference between this guitar, in terms of loveliness, refinement and sound, as there would be for a 1945 or 1946 herringbone-trimmed D-28.   It is most definitely, as Tom Paxton sang, a marvelous toy.

The guitar has been fitted with a replacement bridge, with what appears to be the original bridge plate underneath.   On the face, on the treble side of the lower bout, there is new wood that has been spliced into the top.  You can see the difference in color from the top woods and the inserted replacement (see close-up photo).  This area along with the top, body, neck and the headstock are oversprayed; we think this was done 25-30 years ago judging by the wear on the guitar.   This guitar shows signs of normal use, including a half inch (in length) ding on the face and moderate amounts of pick wear, especially below the pickguard and on the bass side of the soundhole.     There are assorted dings on the sides; some of which are under the finish.  There is some belt buckle on the back (under the over spray) along with some scuffing along the lower bout. 

This guitar will spend the next 3-6 months at the” Relax Rehabilitation Spa for Beleaguered 6-Strings” having a neck reset and refret and repairing two cracks:  one on the back near the center seam and the other, a “Martin Crack” which starts underneath the pickguard and extends towards the bridge. 

When the work is done on this guitar, it will be one of the finest sounding 65-year-old Martin Brazilian rosewood dreadnoughts you may ever have the pleasure to hear.   

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