Martin (used, 1951) D28 Acoustic Guitar

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#122456, in "excellent minus" condition, with a period appropriate hard shell case.

We present to you a superb bluegrass instrument – a Brazilian rosewood and Sitka spruce standout, but in addition it is, as well, a great fingerstyle instrument.  The sound is genuinely ginormous!  

Being a D-28, it is built to standard specifications:  the unbound headstock and black ebony fingerboard that’s inlaid with 8 mother of pearl dots in 6 positions.  The 5 ply black and crème top purfling surrounding crème binding on top and back, the diamond dart behind the nut, the rounded corner peghead shape with the “C F Martin & Co., Est. 1833” gold logo with the black border.  It sports the three-concentric-circle soundhole rosette, the ivoroid end graft bordered by black and crème.

A strap pin has been added to the treble side of the heel (the proper place if you have a strap pin) with an additional hole in the ivoroid heel cap from a former strap pin.  The tuners are the original large back unsigned waffle-back Klusons, each with 5 stripes and small metal oval buttons; the formerly white bindings have all mellowed to yellow.  The soundhole rosette was at one time separating slightly and has been glued.  Below the bridge there are several vertical scratches, none that go through the finish.  There is one well repaired crack on the bass side lower bout which has been patched from the inside, as well as another repaired crack in the same area.  The treble side rib shows various scratches and dings possibly caused by items in one's pocket, finish bubbles and scars where the finish had been bubbled and is now missing in very small areas.   The end pin is white with a red dot, which matches the bridge pins.  The back is relatively clean and shows light signs of belt buckle and playwear with no cracks to speak of.  The back of the neck and headstock show normal light wear, dings and scratches.  At the neck heel there is some light finish checking that is starting to bubble; along with a bubble above the “D” string tuner.  The bottom/ back/ sides of the headstock show some wear that may have come from a hanging stand.   The bridge is likely a replacement; there is a small footprint from either the former or current bridge that was moved slightly closer to the soundhole at one time.  The bridge plate is the original. 

This is an extremely handsome guitar made at a vintage period in which the Brazilian rosewood was “old growth” – parallel and peppered with those spidery black lines that each of us yearns to see in his or her Brazilian.  It is strikingly beautiful.  This guitar sets a new standard for the sound of a ‘50s D-28 and as such it is the reward that awaits each of us in commemoration of a life well spent.

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