Martin (used, 2004) D28 Marquis in Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

Tag No 32-4403 Used

#1025897, in "excellent minus" condition with the original hard shell case.

This is Martin’s highest level Dreadnought outside of the Authentic Series guitars.   It has most of the prewar features those of us who genuflect at the foot of the Chet Atkins statue in front of that restaurant or hotel in Nashville, TN wish for.   It also has a black chrome strap pin inserted in the treble side of the neck heel. 

The Martin Marquis model – C F Martin’s highest and most dedicated to the prewar era of any of their standard rosewood dreadnought models -- combines select, solid East Indian rosewood with an Adirondack “Red” spruce top, in this instance in a traditional dreadnought model made to conform to most (but not all) of the specifications of a guitar made in, say, 1938.   The affectations of modernity include (of course) an adjustable truss rod; it has a modified V-shape neck and not the full-V, and the glues used to keep it all together are aliphatic modern adhesives and not the animal persuasion, (vegans, rejoice), but be that as it may, it still sounds absolutely incredible. 

This guitar is in “excellent minus” condition showing very little in the way of use and wear.  There are one or two light dings (you can only see them if you reflect the light at the perfect angle) at the treble side lower bout, a light scratch on the back of the headstock along with some extremely light belt buckle on the back (we’re talking an infinitely small amount).  Besides the addition of the black chrome strap pin, the pickguard has been replaced. 

It is finished in nitro-cellulose lacquer, and we would applaud that fact heartily but our hands are, at least for now, stuck together [warning: do NOT lacquer your palms, it’s just not worth it].   This model is priced at only a small fraction of the price of a prewar Martin D-28 herringbone, but it has many of its features and the quality shows in its beauty and its sound.   Please come visit our showroom and try Mr. Marquis out.   You'll be glad you did.

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