Martin (new) Grand J-28LSE Baritone Guitar

Tag No 32-3589 New

#1718028, with Geib style hard shell case.

The Martin Baritone guitar, tuned C-to-shining-C, having an approximately 27 ¾” scale length nut to saddle, measuring 1 ¾” at the nut and 2 ¼” at the bridge. Having waited seemingly for years, we are delighted to advise that C F Martin has not in any way disappointed us – they have chosen for their first popularly priced Baritone the Grand Jumbo body, measuring exactly 17” in body width at the lower bout, 12 7/8” at the upper bout and for any dress makers out there, 10 ½” at the waist. It has all of the Style -28 appointments down to a T, including the rounded corner, East Indian matte finish headstock overlay with the gold puffy logo, the Grover Rotomatic chrome-plated tuners, the unbound ebony fingerboard hosting 8 pearl dots in 6 position, the 5-ply black-white top purfling and the 19 ply in three concentric rings soundhole decoration, the black teardrop pickguard with the straight sides, the black carved ebony bridge with the six crème bridge pins with them liddy biddy black dots.

The sides are bound in Boltaron, the backstripe is the repeating crème and black rectangles that have graced style -28 guitars for decades; the back is bordered in white and then a thin black line before the white body binding . End graft and heel cap are white, and the interior of the instrument is equipped with a non-invasive pickup system with hidden volume and “Mic” rotary controls. Owning a dynamic and articulate Baritone may make conventional guitarists feel as if they can rule the world – it pumps so much basso into your Sargasso that you may at first feel overwhelmed by it. At least one player has been heard to say “I never knew it could be like this.” Imagine playing songs and bass lines 5 half-tones lower than normal, with no loss of presence or punch. In fact, both of those qualities are enhanced – this six-string on steroids causes the air around you to rumble forebodingly like an oncoming freight train in one of those dreams where you jump up out of bed shouting “RUN FOR Y’LIVES!!”

The good folks at C F Martin tell us that one can also restring this with medium gauge (.013) strings and tune to regular pitch or various Celtic tunings and it will respond effervescently. But in its best and lowest tuning, C-to-C, this guitar will very likely change the way you feel about performance – it emboldens the introverted, and invigorates the introspective. It opens new vistas in sonic celerity. The Martin List for this magical musical mechanism is $3898 and more information can be gleaned by contacting us by email or phone.

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