Martin (used, 1931) OM-28 Herringbone acoustic guitar

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#46418, in very good condition with newer plush-lined hard shell case.

 This style and era Martin guitar is legendary.     It was made with a natural (most likely Adirondack) spruce top, and Brazilian rosewood back and sides, has prewar (the finest and most preferred pattern) scalloped bracing, and was manufactured precisely in the middle of the original 5-year period in which this model was produced.   Probably unknown to each of its early owners (may they rest in peace) is the fact that this is one of C F Martin Company's most illustrious guitars.  Made from 1929 to 1933, a total of only 487 were built – and of those 166 were made in 1931. 

Our illustrious workshop has completed the repair of three top cracks, 8", 6 ¼" and 4" respectively, a half dozen or so bass side cracks, one of which is 23" long (um, !) and an array of treble side cracks.    Somewhere along the line a new, oversized bridge was installed and a strap button was drilled into the side.   As if that wasn't enough, the body, back of neck and headstock were refinished or oversprayed in what might be varnish.  Consequently, when it arrived here it was not the happiest Martin OM-28 herringbone in the universe.   The work our repairpersons have completed includes performing a much-needed neck reset and bar-fret refret (not an easy task but a highly beneficial one), tightened up any loose cracks, cleaned it up and did a set-up.    This  guitar has turned out truly and totally amazing sounding – a delight to the fingers, the ears, and nearly all of the visceral senses. 

This OM-28 herringbone  shows typical and normal signs of use and wear including pick scratches, erosion of the wood around the soundhole, chips, nicks, dings, scuffs, scrapes, and finish checking. It has replaced bridge pins, white with a black dot.  Happily, it has its original open-gear Grover brand tuners, a carved diamond dart behind the nut, a grained ivoroid heel cap, a mosaic wooden zipper backstripe, an original teardrop tortoise color pickguard, an ivoroid end graft, a 1 ¾" nut width, an apparently original nut, and a 2 3/8" bridge spacing.   Its fingerboard is black unbound ebony with 6 etched diamond fingerboard markers in 3 fret positions.   During this period Martin Company was making the transition to a peghead decal logo and this was made earlier in 1931 so it has no headstock decal but it does have "C F Martin & Co., Nazareth, PA." pressure-stamped on back of headstock - although it is hard to read because of the refinishing.   A person-in-the-past  who apparently thought they were God’s gift to fretted instrument repair seems to have used actual popsicle sticks (after finishing the popsicle of course ) and copious amounts of glue to cleat the repaired cracks.   

The good news is that this is an actual prewar OM-28 herringbone, and now that it is up on display we can assure you that it is both wonderful sounding and easy playing.  It is a guitar that thrills (and chills) every person that plays it.  Come visit our showroom and play it!  Or we can ship it to you to try out in the comfort of your living room.


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This item is NOW ON SALE!

Video Demos

Watch in HD 1080p for best sound and picture. Photos set to music, taken in Staffs, Derbyshire, and the Peak District, during visits to the Midlands starting in 2006, the same year I composed the earliest draft of this tune, which I now call "Morning Star O'er Staffordshire." Performed on a 1931 Martin OM-28 and recorded at Mandolin Brothers, Staten Island, NY

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