McPherson (used, 2009) MG5.0XP Western Red Cedar with Hawaiian Koa

Tag No 32-4191 Used

#1099, in excellent condition with deluxe Ameritage hard shell case.

 One of our favorite brands in one of our favorite wood combinations; this guitar is scintillating and sensual. Hearing it may turn you to a jelly-like substance that doesn’t fit into your clothes any more, and that can only sing like a Theremin. Being as formidable a dealer of McPherson guitars as we are, we see these things all over the floor, giving new meaning to the term “Squishy.” So, if your outfit feels a little tight be careful what you wish for, but if you are wishing for one of the finest sounding and beautiful guitars in the acoustic universe you are definitely on the right track with this one.
CONDITION:  This guitar is is in excellent plus condition showing no signs of use or wear and, as far as we can tell there are no dings, scratches or scuffs.  There is however some very light fret wear in the first position.  Inside the case are two saddles at varying heights provided by the maker so that you can adjust the action to your hearts content.  
Every person who comes to our showroom and plays a McPherson wants to own one. There are no exceptions to this rule. One customer who visited recently said “I’ve played this brand at other stores and wasn’t knocked off my chair – but then I came here today and played yours and, I gotta tell you – your McPhersons are absolutely incredible! How do you do it? I want one of each of them!” If Koa and Cedar speeds up your heart’s meter, then put down that beer, son, and try this McPherson.

Our Price is $7,399.00.

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