Michael Lewis (used, 2006 August 2nd) Archive F Style Loar Style mandolin

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#M171, with a red spruce and flamed maple back and sides, with a gray exterior/rose interior Calton Case.

We present to you a superb sounding, beautiful instrument from Michael Lewis of Grass Valley, CA.  This wonderful bluegrass tool is made with a spruce top, has a 1-2/16ths nut, flamed maple back, sides and neck, ebony fretboard, pickguard and tuning buttons, and full ivoroid-black-ivoroid binding on its front, back and headstock, and a gold plated “Lewis” logo hinged tailpiece. 

About their instruments in general, Michael Lewis says “The basis of his F5 mandolin is the body of knowledge, specifications, measurements, and just plain infatuation with the early F5's made by Gibson and signed by Lloyd Loar.”  This mandolin has an adjustable ebony bridge fashioned after the early original mandolins of the ‘20s, with small thumbwheels and Loar-period style compensated top.   The headstock has a white feather inlay with gold stem and the “Lewis” logo across the top.  In back you’ll find gold Waverly tuners with ebony buttons.   The body is finished in thin lacquer. 

This mandolin is in “excellent minus” condition.  It shows only small signs of use and playing wear including some small dings on the top with extremely light signs of wear on the back.  There is an aberration in the finish on the bass side of the body that is less than one inch in length.   There are some light string changing marks on the headstock.  We also note that on the treble side, in between the two points, there is a light gully in the wood.  This is just a cosmetic issue and is structurally benign.  The frets are very clean and the mandolin has recently been refretted.  Aside from anything pointed out here it’s in marvelously clean condition. 

Inside the case is a letter signed by the maker which reads:

The Archive F mandolin currently retails for $15,000 and has a waiting list of about 24 months on a new order.  This f-hole bluegrass barker, with the pearl inlaid feather in the headplate, plays with ease and produces a punchy sound that will be the envy of all your bluegrass friends.  WAS $11,299 BUT NOW: 

Our SALE Cash Price is $8,500.00.

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