Mortoro (used, 1997) Starling - Il Storno Archtop Guitar

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#2897, model archtop, violin orange finish, all solid wood construction - carved - with a floating Benedetto black pickup and with original hard shell case.

Bob Benedetto has said:   “Exceptional archtop guitarmakers such as Gary Mortoro never go unnoticed. Instinctively he creates a fine player's jazz guitar.”     Here is the description of this guitar from Gary Mortoro’s website:  “Elegant ‘bird’ soundholes in the upper and lower bout and a ‘bird’ cutout on the side of the upper bout sets the Starling in a category by itself, where form and function merge into an instrument of exquisite sound and incomparable aesthetic design.    Just for the sake of comparison, in a new guitar of this model you would have your choice of blonde, light amber, or violin color; the guitar is free of binding; its 12th fret is marked with bird pearl inlay; it can have the narrow (in commemoration of the Verrazano Narrows) or the traditional pickguard.  When this model is made in laminate it starts when new at $5,300 and when the guitar is carved from solid woods it can start when new from $7,800.   Keep that price for the (new) solid wood carved example in mind when you consider the exceptionally fair price of this one, below.

This fine guitar’s headstock, which comes to a plateau at the top center, bears a polished ebony headplate inlaid “Mortoro” in fat pearl script and below that a flying bird is inlaid in pearl.   It has a rounded top truss rod cover held in place by one screw.  The black ebony fingerboard (which may be bound in ebony) is without markers except for one small flying bird on the bass edge of the 12th fret, and there are white dotmarkers on the bass side.  It hosts a two-piece polished ebony carved adjustable bridge, and a cello-style ebony tailpiece that happens to be be inlaid “Frank Forte.” If your name happens to be Frank Forte this is the guitar for you! If it’s not, then our supposition is that the builder could carve you another (plain) tailpiece (but there would be a charge).  The back of the neck is three-piece with the large center stripe appearing to be walnut or rosewood; the heel cap appears to be mahogany; tuners are Schaller black chrome-plated sealed-backs with striped ebony buttons.  A strap pin is centered on the upper back about an inch below the heel cap.    The back shows a small amount of figure in the maple, with a bit more figure on the sides. 

This instrument, which, as the builder makes clear, does not have body binding, proffers an extremely fanciful soundhole in the upper bass bout – artistically depicting flying birds, and another small cutout in the lower treble bout.    If you really wanna know, this guitar displays light normal wear including a chip out of the headstock on the treble side; it shows some minor blemishes and also one cleated crack in the top coming off the treble f-hole on the lower treble side and another going north from the treble hole; a third repaired crack is found on the upper bass side of the face going north from the soundhole closest to the neck. 

Not withstanding the normal signs of use and wear, that chip and that inlaid signature, this is an exceptional instrument, from a master builder, and one that any archtop player would love to own.

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