National (used, 1947) Grand Console Model 1050 Double Neck Lap Steel

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#ISI2135, (each neck has 8-strings; it does not have legs - it never had legs; not made with 'em), in very good condition, in its original brown exterior hard shell case.

We believe this to be a National Grand Console - i.e., 2 eight string necks, 1 pointer knob, 1 round knob, 1 selector switch between necks, and those nifty totem pole markers. 

This model has twin rounded headstocks, each finished in black; 8 tuners protrude upwardly from each headstock.  One tuner button was broken on its shaft and needed to be replaced .  The tuner gears are located behind a long nickel-plated cover bearing the National logo and long art deco lines.  Between each set of four tuners is a crème finished metal rectangular plate held in place by a wide U-shaped metal attachment which is bolted to the headstock by two black plastic knobs on the back of each headstock.  Seems like quite a reach (no pun intended) to so earnestly cover up the areas that a player (especially an on-stage player) would need to access in order to restring even one string on his or her neck.  Four more plastic knobs are utilized to hold each of two once clear plastic covers over the twin large metal covered pickups at bottom.  Between the two necks is a long cover (around 18” in height, 2” in width, held in place by 10 screws),  that bears an art deco motif in red, silver, brown and black, and a large National logo.  In the middle of this cover are the chicken beak knob which points to settings for “Brilliant,” “Mellow” and “Bass,” a two-way toggle titled “String Banks” (not related to Jar Jar Binks) which allows the player to choose  “1st” or“2nd” eight string neck.  It has an old fashioned radio knob for “Volume:  Low, Medium, High.”   At the bottom side, between the two necks, is an old style, screw-on, cable connection, but no cable was included with the steel.  This guitar shows normal signs of use and wear including dings, nicks, scratches, scrapes and scuffs.

We present to you a celebration in art deco – a gorgeous pre-space age rocket ship of a steel guitar, made during a period of postwar enthusiasm and hope for the future.   


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