National (used, 2010) Model RM-1 mandolin

Tag No 58-9144 Used

#15614, having the aged brass cover plate, in near mint condition with original “National” logo hard shell case.

National says “Our new mandolin spent two years in R&D before finally making it into production in January of 2005.  It has traditional features such as a biscuit bridge and vintage-style open gear tuners, combined with modern appointments, including an intonated saddle and a comfortably radiused, extended fretboard.  The neck is made from highly figured maple.  The body is carved from two-piece walnut, with a figured maple top.  The Art-Deco cast tailpiece and antique brass parts are exclusive to this instrument.”   We can add to this that this here mandolin is one of the loudest fretted instruments you may ever, in your life, hear. Handsome, robust, useful, full of both vim and vigor, this is a mandolin for the extroverted and the musician who needs to be heard.

The Specifications are:    The nut she is bone, the fretboard she’s ebony, the fretboard binding is grained ivoroid; the 6 fretboard markers in 5 positions are mother of pearl.   In case you were wondering the fret wire is W-.053 H.031.   No, I don’t know either.   The resonator diameter is 9.5” and like great-grandma’s washer it is hand spun.   The bridge type is Maple Biscuit; the neck is figured maple and so is the top.   Not only that but both are stained to a lovely three-tone yellow to tawny-reddish-brown sunburst in a matte or satin finished.   The sides and back are walnut; the lower bout measures 11.5” across and the overall length is 26 ¼”.  The body depth is 3”; the nut width 1 ¼”, the fingerboard width at the 12th is 1.687” and the Scale Length is 14 – as a mandolin should be.  The weight is approximately 4 lbs. 2 oz.   The headstock design is “center wave” and there is a stunning metal crest held in place by two brads that reads (etched in art deco relief) “National” in a banner, with “Trade” above and “Mark” below and “USA” below that.  Said ‘stock is laminated with a black overlay, then a white underlay, then another black underlay.  It’s quite classy.  Its 8 open-geared tuners are very high quality Gotoh with black ebony buttons and brass or gold-plated metal parts.  The bottom of the grained ivoroid bound fingerboard has a small 3-fret peninsula on its treble side.  The tailpiece is a design masterpiece – an art deco fantasy that allows “quick-change” stringing and displays a tiny crest and three deco angled lines. The one individual what owned this mandolin for 7 entire months took it upon himself to introduce a strap pin attachment on the back of the headstock that is very old timey looking – a small plate with a simple key-chain type wire spiral onto which one affixes the strap end.   This is a semi-useful and clever modification, however the appurtenance is nickel-plated and not the brass/gold finish of the other parts.   The National List Price on a new one with case is $2200.  This pedigreed poochie, however, can be your own for only:

Our Discount Price is $1,645.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $1,595.00.

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