Nechville (new) Atlas Deluxe Open Back

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#1411, with hard shell case.



This fine old-timey banjo has a walnut neck with a 12" walnut pot, a radiused fingerboard with Saturn and Stars inlay, hand rubbed oil finish, a thumb scoop, removable dowel stick, an exotic wood cap tone ring, a special Nechville tailpiece.

And now for Something Entirely Different:   The Nechville Open Back banjo.   The person that inspired the new model is Tom Nechville’s chief neck maker, Wayne Sagmoen.  Wayne has his own following (and entourage) among open-back players.  He’s been making a similar conventionally designed banjo for years.   The Nechville neck design combined with the sage Sagmoen variances gives it a lot more versatility – it can be set up as a low-action bluegrass model or it can easily (as you know Nechville banjos are instantly adjustable) higher action for clawhammer.   The banjo is, as you will find out if you come to our showroom and try it, extremely adaptable.  The thing that sets it apart = is the adjustable neck which is removable in 2 seconds.  For this reason it could easily be stored, in two parts, for travel.  Also the arm rest is unique – it has the beveled Nechville armrest, and they also went for a more substantial style tailpiece which helps the tone and projection and also makes it easy to change strings.

The rim construction is aged walnut, precision glued and machined to a closer tolerance.  There’s a Cocobolo tone ring that is integral to the pot and the flange is also integral to the pot – it’s all one-glue-up, structurally this makes it extremely sound.   This model comes is factory supplied with a Renaissance head, and is available in both 11” and 12” diameter rim.   The dowel stick is removable and is included mainly for cosmetic purposes – it gives you something to mount a pickup on or a sock behind.  (No sock left behind?)    

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