Odyssey (used, 1970 s) Giant Guitar

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#000000, Attila Balogh Odyssey Giant Custom Guitar

This hand crafted giant Odyssey guitar was built by Attila Balogh along with Ken Lindemere and Joseph Sallay as a promo device for the fledgling Odyssey Company, for display at Iron Music in Vancouver and at trade shows. The build required a total of 500 man hours over a 6 month period.

Odyssey was a Vancouver, BC based company and was in business between 1977 to 1982. It is a 400 pound, solid brass instrument and measures 9' X 7' X 3'6". This is a unique, one of a kind giant guitar, which is actually playable!

We have recently discovered that there is a book available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble entitled "Odyssey -- Attila Balogh and the quest for the perfect guitar" by Craig E. Jones, which may be of interest to any potential purchaser of this fascinating instrument.

Unique, One of a Kind $49,999.00.

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