Phoenix (new) Neoclassical Europa III Mandolin

Tag No 32-4205 New

#623, Made for classical, folk, Celtic and other nice-sounding music (no Bluegrass allowed) with the finest tone and playability possible in a light-string mandolin. Hard shell case included.

The same design as the legendary Neoclassical but with pedigreed European tone woods, a bass-side sound port for the player who cannot sit in front of the mandolin while playing, fingerboard position dots under the bass strings just visible to the naked eye, and a warm brown finish reminding one of Cadbury chocolate.  The appearance and sound are elegant enough to suggest formal attire.  Lobster-fueled luthier Rolfe Gerhardt will craft only ten of these treasures which have the same woods and construction as one in the collection of the National Music Museum.  This is the final series of the Europas.


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